Pentids 800mg Alternative

Venkatesh Says:

For the past 15 years my mother used to take Pentids 800mg, but now the tablets are not available in markets. Can anyone please tell me if there is a related alternative to Pentids containing Penicillin G?

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Verwon Says:

She can take any antibiotic that also contains Penicillin in the same dosage. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea.

Has her doctor told her to continue this medication for this long? That is very unusual, if so. Is she on any other medications?

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Venkatesh Says:

She is suffering from a septic wound in her right leg at the age of 15 now she is 59. At that time we have concerned many doctors all are recommended to amputate the leg. She was tensed at the time and not agreed because of she also diabetic. Since then she uses to take pentids 800MG 2 capsules per day and for the wound, she uses betadine powder as this long tablets she took they addicted to blood and now if you go for an alternate antibiotic it's not giving her pain relief.

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Seetha Says:

I am a post balloon mitralvalvoplasty client. I need to take pentids 800 mg. Its not available i n market. What should i take.,?

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Santhu Says:

You can use alternates like sporidex 500MG/Amoxiclav 625MG/Amoxiclav 625/Amoxicillin 500MG once a day or better consult doctor for accurate

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brajesh Says:

I am patient of post valvoplasty . i use Pentid 400 mg daily for last 4 years . but this tablet is not available in market now . what is substitute this tablet ? please give me reply.

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Priyanka Says:

I was infected from rheumatic fever at the age of 14 then at the age of 24 I have underwent mitral valve replacement surgery now I'm 39 years and consuming pentids 800mg fm last 15 years. Now medicine is not available in market. Suggest me alternative tablet.

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Rahul Says:

Re: Priyanka (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

i am dealing with the same inform if you find any alternate medicine...

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I had an operation on 23/09/2016 for the repair of a ruptured sinus of valsava and Trussler's repair AOV of heart. I was taking PENTIDS 400 (2 tabs per day) for one year. But now Pentids 400 is completely gone. Also, I am taking AMIFRU (20 MG) and BISOHEART (2.5mg). What should I do right now? Please tell me...

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Rukmani Says:

I take Pentid 400 Daily since I suffer from RHD . This is not avialable now. Please suggest alternative to Pentid 400

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nirlipta Says:

Re: Priyanka (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

mam i am also faced same problem like u...i am from kolkata...i found it from all the big medicine shop but they have not a single stock.

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Rajeev Says:

Erythromycin 250 can be taken as a substitute for pentids 400. I was using pentids for the last 15 years. Now my hospital (see Chitra hospital tvm) asked me to take erythromycin 250mg. However pentids may start production soon.

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kartik mondal Says:

pls provide me the alternative of pentids 800 as the medicine is not available in the market.

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Rajeev Says:

Re: kartik mondal (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Try erythromycin 500. Please consult with your doctor before you proceed.

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Sandeep Says:

Re: Seetha (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi seetha, My wife is also suffering from mitral stenosis. She also takes pentid 400. Pentid 400 is coming into the market at a very slow rate after GST, but this problem will resolve itself soon. U can take pancip 400 but only after consulting your doctor.

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venkatesh Says:

Guys, good news - Pentids 800/400/200MG are available in the market. Today I've purchased tablets with manufactured date sep' 17. Please check with your nearest stores.

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Munaram Says:

Re: venkatesh (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Where r u from? And which market? Please tell me.

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Shrikant Shrivastava Says:

Good news pentids800milne lagi me aj hi apni mammy k liy khareed k laya

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Karuna Says:

Pentid800 is not available in the market till now.people are facing problem.

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Kabita Says:

They are again available in some store in India Maharashtra.

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Mamani Says:

Pentids 400/200/800 are not available in India (Kolkata). Does anyone know when or if it will ever be available in Kolkata?

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