Pending Recall Teva Generic Adderall March 2016 Actavis

Consistant Formulation is Essential Says:

For those that feel their Teva brand generic Adderall by Actavis Elizabeth aren't working or making them feel sick, you're right. It is for the 30 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg & 5 mg. Specific info here:

Failed Impurities/Degradation Specifications: Out of specification for impurities.

Actavis Elizabeth LLC, Elizabeth, NJ

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BigPharmaMessingWithOurMeds Says:

Wow! I wondered why my pills were different when I got them filled on Mar. 20, 2016!!! The efficacy of the Teva brand generic Adderall has been degrading for some time. I have felt they were no good for months. I can take one and go right to sleep. And I haven't been feeling well. Just an overall feeling of malaise.
Thank you for posting this. Why weren't we told by the Recalling Firm Actavis? And how long has this been going on?!

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HappyTexasRN Says:

Thank you for the information! When I had my prescription for adderall 20mg filled in December I noticed it didn't work well for me. I developed symptoms I had not ever experienced before. My focus was very decreased, I found myself grinding my teeth, increased anxiety/agitation and had palpitations with sharp shooting midsternal pain about twice per day. I thought maybe the medication just wasn't working for me and I should decrease my caffeine intake. I stopped taking the medication and would only take one occasionally out of desperation to focus and get some work done. I did have the thought that with the pills being different and from a different manufacturer I would just try again next month. There was no change in the manufacturer and the results for me were the same. My side effects resolved after not taking the medication however, I became behind at work and very discouraged. I learned in February that the medication had been recalled one week after I had my February prescription filled. I have since followed up with my doctor and used a different pharmacy with a different manufacturer and am happy to report I am back on track with no side effects!

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David Says:


Did the pharmacy ever issue you a refund for the recalled medication? I was just curious because I know pharmacies have strict policies about returning medication once it leaves their hands. However it would seem unethical if they didn't take it back for this reason. I received a refund for a dietary supplement that was recalled over a month after I had purchased it, but I guess all I'm wondering is if medications are treated in a similar manner?

Thanks again for your feedback and I hope all is well!

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Castile Says:

Glad to hear you're feeling fine again! You described my horrendous experience I had for months of the Actavis XR 30 MG dose. My doctor thought I was just going through a rough patch, these forums really do help. I wasn't looking for a high, I was looking for a reason why I stopped caring, my mind was no longer functional, I had no drive whatsoever . I just read a bit about the recall, but did not know there was a Teva made by Actavis?

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Aleisa Says:

I guess this makes sense as to why I cannot find the Teva 10 mg Amphetamine Sulfate Tablets ANYWHERE. I do find it odd that none of the 25 pharmacies I called in my area were able to tell me that a recall had been issued. I even called Teva directly to find out why I wasn't able to get it and they told me it was currently available and should be available at my local pharmacies, and they weren't sure why I couldn't find it??! CVS corporate headquarters was of no help either.

I had just started taking the Teva brand again LAST MONTH after a 3 year absence, so unfortunately I was not able to detect that the product had degraded any. I did try another brand with an open mind the month before and it was awful. I could not focus and I just felt like I'd had entirely too much caffeine. It was not at all what I remembered the Teva brand to be.

My question --- If the Teva seems to be the only brand that I KNOW works for me - with it now being unavailable, what would be a comparable alternative?? I'm uncomfortable seeking my general practice doctor's advice, because it seems to be that unless the doctor (or pharmacist too, for that matter) has personal experience with ADD drugs -- they don't understand the extremes from one brand to another. I am honestly confused as to how 2 different manufacturers can produce such a different product and then have the FDA label it as the same thing!!?? I am desperate for advice and would greatly appreciate any and all help.

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Castile Says:

I am back on Barr/Teva Adderall XR after the debilitating Actavis XR. I have not noticed a shortage nor change in Adderall IR Barr/Teva, which I have always taken and will continue to take. Walgreens /Duane Reade provide Barr/Teva for both the XR and IR generic Adderall.

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denise Says:

I picked up my prescription of 30mgs of genetic adderall, brand teva. I've been feeling sick, tired & having chest pains, & my muscles ache. It's only this brand. What should I do, thay won't take them back for another brand

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BigPharmaMessingWithOurMeds Says:

Denise: What state do you live in? You just filled a prescription for Adderall? And you got the brand TEVA? Does this mean the recall is over and TEVA Adderall is once again available? I would call TEVA directly and ask them about the recall and let them know your symptoms. Hopefully they will be able to help you. I'm sorry you are having these horrible symptoms. My pharmacy is still not dispensing TEVA brand Adderall. I got the brand manufacturer Sandoz on April 26, 2016

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BK Says:

Hi Denise,

I got my med "Teva 10mg" in May 2 & I almost had the same problem with them, & it's only appeared when I take the pill. I remember that I visit the FDA Website to make sure that there wasn't any recall for this product. I have been using this product for 6 month & this the first time I faced something like that. So contact my doctor and informed him; and during my visit he wrote a new prescription for me indicating that I had unusual side effect from Teva brand & he dispose those pill. I also report those side effect to the FDA and encourage you to do so. If there other people report the same problem from Teva Brand to the FDA than they investigate this product and may be an new recall will announce again.

This the FDA reporting web site:

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Adderall User Says:

Are you sure Teva is by Activist? I think these are two separate companies. However Teva was listed as using counterfeit ingredients. I believe it was tramadol and Tylenol.

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Theresa Filkins Says:

Activists Addrerall Dr 30 made me break out in hives, and I could not breath. Thought I was going to die. Horrible, horrible stuff.

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DD Says:

I do not believe that Actavis is by Teva. However Teva had a recall for using the wrong active ingredients no amphetamine and Activist had a recall for degrading ingredients and impurities.

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Castile Says:

Actavis is the company formerly known as Watson. Since returning to Barr/Teva by changing pharmacies, I have no complaints. The Actavis brand Adderall isn't useless, that would mean it had no effect, it makes you feel mentally and physically ill. I have ADD and anxiety disorder. While on Actavis, I learned what true depression feels like. There is no enjoyment of anything anymore, I missed my anxiety.

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DD Says:

Activist as for as I know is not by Teva. It is a separate manufacturer. The Activist brand was labeled as a voluntary recall therefore the FDA did not require a notice to consumers. It was just suppose to be degrading and some impurities. The Teva on the other hand was supposed to be those bought on the internet with counterfeit active ingredients. Unless there has been another recall I am not aware of.

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BDI41 Says:

Actavis is becoming Teva soon. Teva bought Allergens (Actavis' parent) and is only pending completion. Should be some time this summer.

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BigPharmaMessingWithOurMeds Says:

BD141: Thank you for the update!

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Lauren Says:

Agree. Having the exact same issues with the caffeine, jittery feeling. Cannot find the Teva at CVS or Walgreens in my area. I sound crazy but I've been taking it for years (unfortunately) and it effects me psychologically. What's going on? What can I do?

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Adderall User Says:

I can't be sure that Teva is part of Activist recall. The NDC code shows it is the company Activist not Teva. Does Teva own Activist. I do know Teva also had a recall for using counterfeit active ingredients but those were suppose to be the ones bought on the internet. I do know the Activist would leave you depressed and unable to function after a couple of hours, each day would be different. The Core on the other hand would make your blood pressure go sky high within an hour but never let your mind focus. I have developed burning tongue syndrome and this all started while I was using Activist. It is very painful. I thought it may be from some of the impurities. I was told by Costco pharmacy that they would not be carrying Sandoz brand anymore because they cost more.

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Julie Says:

I have found Corpharma to be effective. But as always stated ..., different meds for different people. I couldn't tolerate Aurobindo brand. So far Corpharma has been predictable.

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JT Says:

I could not find anything on this link that shows Actavis generic adderall was recalled. Can you copy and paste?

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