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noname Says:

I am prescribed ativian and suboxone but i smoked weed im going to get a girls urine who is clean i was wondering if it would be possible if i put a small amout of ativan and suboxone in the urine if it would show up in the drug screen or would it come up tamperd with? pleasssee pleasse someone help!

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Quit stressin Says:

I must say that I was a nervous wreck for a week after reading everyone's replays on here and all over the web. I took a 2mg bar on a Thursday night and had a urine test the following Thursday and I passed. I made myself so stressed out bc litterly everywhere was saying 7days min but usually I just want everyone to know I did nothing like didn't drink a bunch of water or anything and it was out in 6 days so I hope this helped someone and good luck oh one more thing it e's the only 1 I had taken in over 6 months for an anxiety attack and all the haters....move on!

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struggling addict Says:

it depends if they check the levels and if there is any debrue in the urine, also u have to make sure that I tis aat normal body temp and is ur a guy plz don't use female pee they can check for certain hormones to tell if ur a male or female.

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Smarter than you ALL Says:

No THEY CANNOT TEST FOR HOMONES ON A DRUG SCREEN. They can't test for anything except DRUGS! U poeple r sooo ignorant!!!!

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