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Cindy Says:

I found out Monday, November 11, 2013 Hi-Tech Pharmacal is now manufacturing Paregoric. There distribution company is ABC distribution and all you have to do is call your pharmacy and see if they can obtain it. I live in TX and was able to get a prescription from my gastroenterologist and picked up the first bottle since 2010! Good luck everyone, no one knows what a miracle drug this is for people like me with Crohn's Disease now short bowel syndrome, also IBS, Colitis, Diverticulitis, etc.

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Betty Says:

hi! I have RX for paregoric too...thank God I have insurance, but as I've keyed to others with our "problem", I would pay cash for this expensive "licquid gold"...If husband and I are "on the road", or I leave my house, just a "swig from bottle..." and I'm good to go for 24 hours, honest! As I don't want to build up tolerance, I don't use when at home (close to my beloved bathroom) was off the market for a while, but so many of us wrote/called that IT IS BACK! I had tincture of opium, scares me. Too strong, and Paregoric saves me...

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David Says:

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for taking the time to share this information on the availability of Paregoric. While I personally haven't tried it, Paregoric is supposed to be great at relieving diarrhea and GI disorders. Apparently it works by decreasing stomach and GI movement during the digestive process.

This could mean that it may simply take longer to digest certain types of foods while using this medication. However, after hearing a few miraculous testimonies from other people who have had Crohn's, I believe eating or juicing plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables daily could also do wonders for healing the GI tract and curing Crohn's Disease overtime - if you were to consider certain types of food as a form of adjunctive therapy.

You can learn more about this medication on the page for Paregoric Details

I hope this helps!

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