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Mfg Ethex pancrelipase

would like an address to sumit a hardship request. Are there any other generics? ## There are several brands and generics available, for the prices, however, you would need to check with your pharmacy. It is likely that they are already providing you with the cheapest generic that they can order. If you have no prescription insurance, there are some programs available to help with this medication, you'd have to meet certain income criteria, as well as having your doctor send them a prescription and etc. The contact information is as follows: Abbott Creon Minimicrospheres 800-256-8918 Johnson & Johnson Panreaze Delayed Release Capsules 800-652-6227 Aptalis Zenpep Delayed Release Capsules 888-936-7371 Is there anything else I can help with?

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eth 416

The pill is gray or beige and on one side it says eth and on the it says 416 ## Pill Image This is called Plaretase 8000, Pancrelipase. It is used to help aid your digestion of foods by replacing certain digestive enzymes that you might be lacking, due to illness, other medical problems or etc.

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