Pain Pills That Start With The Letter R


for multiple sclerosis

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I am not sure if the medication I have in mind is specifically for MS related pain, but from what I understand it is mostly for relapsing-remitting MS and secondary progressive MS with relapses. It is called Rebif, active ingredient Interferon Beta 1a. Is that what you have in mind or could it be a different name??

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Rebif is a shot, not for pain but to help stop relapses in M.S. I have M.S., there is no pill just for pain for M.S. We use the same meds as anyone: Norco, Fentanyl, Neurontin, etc.

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Is Rebut used in extreme headaches due to a pulled neck muscle and severed neck vertebrae? If not, what is the suggestion?

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I have a co-worker that is killing herself with a pain med that I only know it starts with an R. She acts as if she is drunk and drives in this condition. The company has given her drug panels but nothing ever comes up. Her mother said it never does. I need info so that I may help her.

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