Pain-o-soma Blister Pack No Imprint On Pill?

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Round white pill no imprint? HAB pharmaceutical licence #48/ua 2006

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HappenedToSeeThisBecauseIGoogledPain-O-Rama Says:

Looks like a cheap generic of Soma (Carisoprodol), possibly produced semi-legally in response to rising demand on account of an increasing number from international orders to Indian online pharmacies. Doesn't seem to be effective much.

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Echo Says:

Pain-O-Soma is a very minimal substitute for Watson brand Soma at best. Even though it is plainly marked Carisprodol 350mg tablets they are placeboes in comparison. My advice is find a nice family dr that will prescribe or buy it from a online US pharmacy- if the will ship it to your state. There have recently been several states added as no ship states for Soma only in many cases

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Verwon Says:

And if there are no markings on the tablets, there is no way to establish whether or not the medication you received actually contains Carisoprodol or not, unless you would pay to have it lab tested.

This is one of the hazards of ordering from a foreign pahrmacy, without a prescription.

Does anyone have more information on this?

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Verwon Says:

Apologies, I forgot to include a link for more information on Carisoprodol:


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Pat Says:

What is Pain-O-Soma?

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Master Pete Says:

Don't get these. They are bought buy pharmacists out of the country and don't work at all.

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anonmyous dude Says:

Ya'll wack and got this idea in your head that one brand is better then the other. get that notion outta there and try the pain-o-soma. It freakin works. foo's.

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Keith P Says:

With doctors getting stupid about prescribing pain meds. I ordered a 30 day supply to try and worked. I just got 400 more. I have a herniated L3, L4 & L5 and live in constant paid believe me these really help.I just wish our healthcare wasn't full of a bunch of stupid a$$es...

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young money Says:

I have some here I just got made in HAB pharmceuticals I wanted to make sure they were safe before I tried them.. So at worst its a placebo ?

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Roy J Says:

I took four of these "pain-o-soma" last nite after overworking my muscles during a work out. I had just received my package earlier that day so I had to test them out. Let me tell you, they flatlined me. I was wobbly and felt all sorts of good. No pain either, which was the main goal.

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Cat Says:

What exactly is Pain-O-Soma (HAB), and what are the ingredients? Need someone who has facts not opinions plz.

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Cynthia Says:

who did you order through?...I also suffer from severe back pain ( no diagnoses ) and my Doc basically said "suck it up and deal with it" I had ordered some Pain-o-Soma...I think it works, 350 mg, at work I can only take half tho.

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trish Says:

what is in the soma-o-pain is it the same as the watson soma with the imprint name DAN

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trish Says:

i take soma watson with imprint DAN on pill. what is the difference between Soma-O-Pain to Soma watson

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Cat Says:

How do you get Soma's (Watson)? I cannot get them in GA, and doc says same thing, suck it up, they will NOT prescribe it anymore! Iburpofen can only go so far!! I have gotten Pain-O-Soma's before, now I get Caritop, they do not taste as bad as Pain-O-Soma's, and it says they are Carisoprodol 350 mg for both. Caritop's are ALOT cheaper too!!

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Gracie14 Says:

holy buckets - i just got these in the mail from Supreme Suppliers (India) and let me tell you, they are real deal. and the packaging matches what HAB pharma has on their site to the T. it is getting harder to get these in the US, especially if your state has moved it to a level 4 drug. anyway, just wanted to add my 2 cents.

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Pamela Says:

Soma is the brand name. And is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations. Pain-O-Soma and Carisoprodol are generic name. But they work the same I have been on them for 14 yrs. I take 2 to 4 at night since i have been on them for so long that is why i can take uo to 4 pills. If u haven;t been on them that long i would avise not to take that many. Everybody is different and can handle it ok and some can't. The people that i was ording from don;t have their phone number any longer so i have know way of ordering them anymore. So if anyone has a email address or number so i can call to place an order. I live in the States. My pills were coming out of India.

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john Says:

I just had a total hip replacement and been taking lortab 10 and flexeril 15 but my hip was still killing me today! Just received my pain- o- soma's today and instantly took 3 of them with a big glass of water and all is well with the world!! Pain diminished after 15 minutes,and let me tell you;always drink a large glass of water behind them,it kicks them hard!! I been taking dr. prescribed danbury somas for yrs; but these non-coated pain-o-somas are kick butt. i'm ordering more tomorrow!! They are 350 milligram and are great!!!

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john Says:

the pain-o-somas are non-coated and get in your system quicker!! they are kick-butt...

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john Says:

master pete i don't what you bought but the ones i got are better than the danbury's that i been takin for years i just took 3 i can't hardly type! L.M.A.O.

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