Pain Medicine Being Cut?

Marlene Says:

Everyone who is on pain medicine for chronic pain, we need to do something about our medicine being cut to almost NOTHING due to all the people that abuse and combine other drugs and end up overdosing. The ones of us that do not abuse our drugs, we need them to have some quality of life is slowly being stripped from us. We need to get together and find out whom to get in touch with, because WE are being punished for the other's that are abusing them! I could go on an on an get madder an madder, I won't. Does anyone know who to contact? We shouldn't have to suffer because of others abuse!!

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Marlene Says:

Is there anyone out there live in the portland, oregon area know of a doctor that isn't going by these guidelines of 90 to 120mg max. Of pain meds, which includes both immediate release and extended release! I've been taking down so low that now I'm living 3/4 of my life laying down, that's not quality of life
Thanks for any response.................

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Marlene! How are you doing? I am sorry that you are so miserable.

Unfortunately, unless someone is suffering intractable pain from a possibly fatal condition, such as stage 4 cancer, pain control is no longer considered a necessary priority. I wish this were not the case, but for quite awhile, over prescribing, improper prescribing, and abuse have been rampant and this was deemed the best way to help get things under control, according to the DEA.

The maximum prescribing amounts that you mentioned are Morphine equivalent dosages, per day, so it may be more or less, depending on which specific opiate is being prescribed.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice that might help?

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Marlene Says:

Hi Vernon, thanks for responding. This is the first time ever that I've posted anything, and probably the last......everything you said is true and I know all that stuff. My problem is not everyone has the same amount of pain, I've talked to many people that feel the same way and don't know where to turn for help either, one guy said to me "you should start a group union". I hear a lot of people talk about this topic and maybe they don't know what to do either,but if anyone agrees with me, shouldn't we do something??

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Soreviver Says:

Dear pain sufferer, like you I was cut an put on the new BS list thru the VA system. 40 years on meds. then lumpt in with the abuser's . Only hope that I had was fortunate to see it coming and made appropriate future provisions. Presently have no doc even willing to listen an told VA to get screwed. Don't know how long I will get by but i'm praying that if Trump gets in, he might make the va rite again. Good luck to you, hope that it works out for.

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Chaos Says:

They are talking about cutting the production of controlled substances in 2017. There is a petition. Please Google it, sign n share it. I'm sorry I do not have the link. Plz read it, sign petitions and voice for ourselves. If we don't we're screwed.

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Marlene Says:

Wow thanks for info.........well suboxone is also controlled and way more expensive than the meds I had.....Had ya, different dr. Took all pain meds away and HE decided I should be on suboxone, after putting me thru 5 days of withdrawels, and than 3 extreme days of the same and that JUNK
DOESN'T EVEN God this is getting so bad we the people can't have control over what our own bodies need....the Dr is playing GOD

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Rrr Says:

Please Please Please contact your Senator this is what I was told to do and did so and know of many others who have as well. It's your civil liberty and patient /provider confidentiality as well as right to proper healthcare. Do it please worked for me.

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Helpalwaysisnthelp Says:

People have organized protests,worked with politicans and community activists all this information is readily available just google it. The REAL PROBLEM is most folks talk a good game but when it comes to actually devoting time and effort into affecting positive change they go silent.I wish I had a dollar for everyone railing against the FDA,DEA,CDC and the AMA ( and in MOST cases justifiably) but when it comes to even signing a simple petition it's like pulling teeth without novocaine.It seems apathy prevents meaningful change to be realized. So unfortunate especially for those in need of appropriate pain control protocols.....

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Helpalwaysisnthelp Says:

Well good for you I'm glad you took the action and contacted your political representative in the senate. The problem is MOST DO NOT... That's why change isn't realized and petitions are signed by a handful of patients. Research the actual proactive members behind these drives and they will tell you the frustration of apathetic patients content having their rights trampled on by our over reaching government entities. So very sad...,

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