Pain During Ovulation Period

Doris Says:

Hi, i am 35 years, 165 cm and about 69 kg. I always had much pain during my ovulation period ( for 15 days). During this pain period, when i urine or do stool or when i get my orgasm ( without intercourse) I ll have 20 mn crisis of pain. What i do usually is having hot bath to relax. I tried many medications but non of them worked. Sometimes i also vomit. Lately, i start taking the lutenyl that was prescribed by my gynecologist. I took it for 2 months but the pain is exceeding about 10 crisis per day for 15 days. I m thinking to start acupuncture sessions. Im lost i wanna get rid of this pain. All my body hurts and i have fatigue. Im very sensible to cold weather.
Nb: i did echo, MRI there is nothing
Pls need ur help and if u can suggest what i can do. Thx

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Verwon Says:

Has your doctor checked you for PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

It can manifest in different ways and some women do experience some pain from it, not just irregular menstrual cycles.

You can learn more about it here:


There are several things that can cause it, such as insulin resistance, so if that is your problem, then your doctor needs to figure out what is causing it and institute proper treatment.

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MedsChat Admin Says:

Doris, somebody on our Facebook stream saw your post and commented that you should look into an Ayrvedic tonic called "Ashokarishta". Of course, we cannot attest to the effectiveness of this, and we obviously recommend that you speak with your doctor before taking any sort of supplement. Perhaps it is something which you can take in conjunction with your existing medical treatments?

"Ashokarishta is the best ‘female tonic’ or ‘uterine tonic’and treats all menstrual problems in an ayurvedic natural way, thus giving no side effects." as stated at

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