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Mike Says:

Here is my problem. Been in pain management since March 2014 when I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in both feet and had right leg amputated. So my PCP found me a pain clinic and was prescribed 120 Roxicodone 30mg + 90 Oxymorphone ER 15mg. I was at pain clinic up till March 2015 when they shut down. My Dr @ pain clinic that shut down, found me another pain clinic. I've been going to this pain clinic since March 2015 till present (October 2015) my first visit the NP dropped me down to 90 Roxi 30mg and kept me @ 90 Oxymorphone ER 15mg, which I was fine with. Of course being new to this pain management it was hard losing that 1 extra pill. My next visit, i brought my bottles because I get a 30 day supply but go every 28 days. The NP then told me that She has to drop me Once again to 120 Roxi 15mg, i told her that I knew this wasn't going to be a good idea because for 2 weeks the previous month losing that 1 extra 30mg roxi was rough on me, but she is the expert so I had to go with it. But still kept me at the same 90 Oxymorphone 15mg. 28 days later I bring my bottles, took routine drug panel & here comes a Dr this time not the same NP. I told him that this was my worst month of my life since being in pain management, and I explain how his NP dropping me basically from 120 roxi 30mg to 120 roxi 15mg in less than 2 months was a sickness I never experienced in my life. So the Dr told me that I've reached the max of milligrams of oxycodone their clinic gives for my condition.

For those who don't know what Charcot foot disease is. Lets just say there is no cure but is treatable through pain management then eventually amputation. Which means I'm losing my limbs. When I know this is not true cause my aunt goes to the same place and gets 150 30mg roxi for a bad knee and hurt shoulder. But he said what he could do is up my Oxymorphone from 15mg to 20mg 3x a day and keep me at 120 15mg roxi. I told the Dr I felt like that was way to much Oxymorphone for me But since I was getting roughly only 4 hours of pain relief a day I would try it. Well lets say i was right, it was way to much Oxymorphone for me, so at next visit when they did my routine drug panel and pill count. I was over on the Oxymorphone (Opana) and I explained that all I done was sleep taking all that Oxymorphone. Now does that sound like a druggie to you? Now this is why I'm needing to find a new pain clinic in nashville. Since March 2015 till October 15, 2015, I never failed a u/a. Was never short on my pill count. Always showed up when called in for pill counts and was never short on the surprise called in pill count. I get a call on Thursday October 8th for mandatory pill count. I explained to the lady that I just got released from hospital with signs of phenomena and flu and that I was not getting back out cause I couldn't even drive myself to the ER the night before. I told her I just got home and I was in bad shape to get out. I then asked her if I could get my grandmother take my bottles to clinic for count. I was then told NO that for me to wear a mask cause I was only going to be there less than 2 mins. I told the lady could I just come first thing that next morning and she told me NO because she tried getting a hold of me the day before to let me know of my pill count being on the 8th, once again I reminded her I just got out of being over night at ER and if I wasn't there by 4:30pm I would be dismissed for failure to follow pill count policies. I told her I have always been in compliance with every policy. I never not showed up for pill counts and was always model patient. The way she talked to me and the rudeness she gave me, i told her to dismiss me and hung up. I am never not one to disrespect anyone that is a healthcare provider to me, but I was not going to be talked to like I was a pill junkie and was only going there to get pills to feel high. Hell like I said, I didn't know nothing about pain medications till I lost my leg. I called my PCP today and told him about it. I got 2 weeks to find a pain clinic. Anyone with advice? I am cash pay cause I am awaiting disability which my benefits should kick in in about 2 months. So if anyone knows of a good pain clinic who will treat me as a person in pain please respond.... Thank you guys for letting me vent.

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karlos Says:

Try Innovative Medical Centers LLc. Kissimmee, FL. Great doctor and staff... Dr. Lawler. Tell the front desk Karl referred you. I'm sorry about your suffering. You should be taken care of by a very good physician. Good Luck. I hope you try them out. Happy holidays and God Bless.

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Mike Hunter Says:

Thanks for the info. But I live in nashville tn

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TiTan Pat Says:

Mike was wondering what practice/ pain management dr you were seeing in Tennessee. i was in the same exact situation and had to get a lawyer involved. ended up working in my favor. just curious to see what dr you had and if we had the same clinic. i had a neck fusion C3-6. required immense pain management control. wish you the best hope your still in touch with this thread very curious about the dr and clinic you had used. Thanks pat

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D Says:

I also have cmt but the Dr never gave me anything to help. I got it in both feet and don't know what to do I know how the pain can be idk what to do I live in Massachusetts

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Mike Says:

Hey this was at CPS. I then went to CPI. Clarksville pain institution. And that was the worst mistake of my life. They dropped me so fast in oxymorphone. I was put in hospital due to the detox was so severe. I was dropped from 60mg of oxymorphone to 30mg. Then to 15mg in 3 months. Then my last visit was 2 weeks ago. When they dropped me all from it. And here I was doing good. It was hard getting taken down so much of the oxymorphone. But it was working. Then like I said. They said they can only give me the brand name of Opana ER. Cause I was told people was miss using the oxymorphone and opana I couldn't. But thing is. My insurance won't even touch it to help pay for it Cause they make a generic and that is what i will need to get my Rx coverage to help pay. I finally just got approved for my disability. And my first time i had insurance they done this to me. Knowing my insurance wouldn't pay for it cause I have TennCare. I am thinking of litigation. Cause the pain i was put through. And being under pain management. No one should have to hit withdrawals or detox. The NP there didn't care. I was 100% in policy. They will kill you.. Stay away from Clarksville pain institution And white house pain institution in TN. If u want to live.

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Mike Says:

Had anyone heard of or goes to Interventional Pain Center in Hendersonville TN? I am hoping to get into " that clinic. Was going to White HOUSE PAIN INSTITUTE and that was the biggest mistake of my life. The NP there doesn't care about the patients. She makes the office manager explain to the patients why she cuts your dose, changes your meds, and does this without letting the patient know. Was on same pain meds for 3+ years and last month she takes me off 1 of my pain meds. Didn't notice till the next day when I went to get filled. I called the NP and was told that they quit writhing scripts for that certain pain med. Which was a lie. Cause CPI in Clarksville owns white house pain institute and they still write scripts for the pain med. Due to this happening. I was put in hospital again. Cause oxymorphone is a powerful pain med and detoxing and going through withdrawals is almost like death and can cause mental problems. Sad thing is. I left CPS cause they were over medicated me on oxymorphone. So I went from 60mg a day to 30mg a day, then down to 15mg a day then takes me off cold turkey and when I fronted her out about it, she said they quit writting oxymorphone but offered to put me on fetnal patches, which is 80x stronger than morphine. I told the NP No I don't want that and just to keep me on what I've been on . I told her I went all the way from 60mg to 15mg a day of oxymorphone. She has the office manager tell me she isn't writting it and to deal with it. So it landed me in hospital. The NP will kill you if u go there

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Luvlyme320 Says:

I was recently in a horrible car wreck so bad I died 3 times. I have bulging discs in my neck and back. Does anyone know of a pain clinic in WV that writes roxis (bc I'd be happy with 15s, anything to ease the pain) and somewhere you don't need a referral BC my doctor has me on the 5s and they don't help at all. Id even be willing to drive to Ohio or Kentucky. Please help me.

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Redt Says:

Does anyone know of a pain management Dr. In mobile,Al that prescribes oxycodone? been with premier choice medical for 8months and wouldn't respond to my increasing problems and dr.dropped me when confronted, now searching for new Dr.that will listen.Please help I only have 30days to find another one.

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Spyz Says:

Try Dr Orusso in Clarksville. He is a caring doctor who accepts cash payments.

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Spyz Says:

MIKE did you ever make it to INterventional Pain Clinic? They love writing Oxymorphone scripts and won't budge over 10mgs of the oxycodone. I've been on 120mg for seven years and have been going through withdrawal since going there and on 10mgs. I'm getting a Patient Initiated Dismissal since their dose doesn't touch my pain AND keeps me in intradose withdrawal.

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Spyz Says:

MIKE, any luck with TennCare and Pain Docs? All mine covers now is Interventional and Injections won't help my conditions PLUS they throw me into spasms or seizures... Can't find any who will go over 10mgs....I don't need 30 but 10 is like no pain med at all.

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nikki Says:

Can I have the number my back and neck messed up.thank you

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Bogusptsruinit4legit1s Says:

If it's THAT MESSED UP your doctor should refer you to a pain specialist. You can't expect powerful narcotic opiates unless you have a legit pain problem that's documentable... I'm just being honest and real. TRUE PAIN patients are made to suffer when those who can get by with interventional pain relief seeks the most addictive and EUPHORIA INDUCING DRUGS ON THE MARKET.THATS WHY LEGIT DOCS WONT PRESCRIBE LIKE THEY ONCE DID B4 MODERN TECHNIQUES WERE AVAILABLE

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Mike Says:

Does anyone know a pharmacy that will take a discount card for Oxymorphone 20mg. I am paying $663 for 90 of them at rite aid. Last year I was using Walgreens and they let me use discount card and only paid $216. But they quit taking scripts from my pain clinic and can't find a pharmacy that don't treat me like a junkie besides rite aid. But since my insurance won't pay for them I need to find a cheaper place. Thanks

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Ashley Says:

What pain management clinic did you find? And kmart is usually alot cheaper.

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Okcgirl Says:

You might get better help by telling them it isn't working instead of talking about withdrawals. Litigation isn't gonna help a chronic pain sufferer. Plus if you do initiate a legal suit be prepared to be blacklisted. No Dr will take you on as you are considered a liability.

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Diana Says:

Hello. I'm in a lot pain. I have had back surgery in 2005 (l4, l5, s1).

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Summer Says:

Mike-- {edited for privacy}. I have a couple of places that may be able to help you that are close to you and just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your leg and what the doctor said and your medications that you are currently on. Are you still taking any? I am worried about you. Please get back to me. My name is Summer. Hope to hear from you soon friend.

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Mike Says:

Hey summer, yes I'm in a really good Pain Management now. Thanks for your concern. And to that little smart butt of a person talking about me to stop talking about withdrawals and telling them what they were giving me isn't working. First this orginal post was awhile back and like I stated in the post, I WAS NEW TO ALL OF THIS. That's why I asked for any info anyone would have. And to get this clear after reading some post that people left, believe me I have plenty of documents stating my health conditions and why my charcot dieseae is only treatable and not curable. If people would of took the time into reading the full post like Summer did, you wouldn't go first to judgmental comments. Believe me, it isn't fun losing your limbs. Since the first orginal post, I've been through 2 More amputations and have another one this week to remove more of my right limb to make me be an above knee amputee. Just suprise me after reading these post where some of u want to go on the attack because of some of my questions I was looking for advise, or info. Was not looking to be judge. I'm not going through PM to be high!! I dunno but I hate having to take pain meds just to live a normal life. So to all who actually cares like Summer, I want to say thank you. But I have found a Pain Clinic that really looks at my condition and keeps me at a balance when changing my meds to an increase or decrease without me being totally in or out of my pain. Yes it sucks having to pay out of pocket for a certain med. But my Medicaid will not touch it but when my Medicare kicks in next year from having to do the 2 year wait after being approved disability is something I'll just have to do. Ok I'll shut it up. Lol. But thanks again summer

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Mike Says:

YOU need help. There wouldn't be meds on the market if they wasn't approved. And before you start acting immature you really shouldn't throw shade on your judgmental comments. Does this make you feel better Nikki? Do u feel good to be a total smarta** to people that have questions. I don't ask for s*** but to live a normal life like I use to before I was diagnosed with my limb losing disease. I wish a Tylenol would cure my pain. It would be a lot cheaper. And BELIEVE me, I can back up my health conditions. Not only by medical records but by looking at me. Wearing two prosthetic legs, pins and rods in one hand to hold it together from my bones crushing before last step is amputation. I am by NO means looking for sympathy. But I am for sure NOT looking for internet bullying and hating. Trolls like you need to get a life and if you have nothing to say NICE to post about me, leave it to yourself. You are so not worth my time. But after reading your comments, all I can say is, i don't have numbers for mental health. Which you can only see that is what you need. Not pain management numbers. Have a bless day.

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