Pain Management Paracetamol, Chymoral Forte, Ibubrofen Not Working

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I have undergone a small operation during April 2008 in day care to remove a small scar from down level of my left side chest since it was pricking me all the times disturbing my concentration. The operated wound got healed but the pricking pain still persist. Doctor says the superficial nerve would have got cut during operation which will grow in due course of time and the pain vanishes.So far the pain is not reduced. I have used pain killers like Paracetamol, Chymoral Forte, Ibuprofen etc. to reduce pain but there is no substantial result. Doctors ruled out repeated operation at the same spot.

Pl. advise what i should do to reduce pain.

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Sorry to hear about your challenges. The pain killers which you listed sound like over the counter ingredients. Since a repeated surgery is not an option, have you spoken with your doctor about a rehabilitation program and/or getting prescribed stronger pain medications? How many years did they say the feeling would persist?

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suresh kumar Says:

Thanks for your immediate responce.
Doctors told me that the pricking pain will vanish once the cut superficial nerve grows which may take one or two years.Already 3 1/2 years completed after the surgery but no symptoms of reduction in pricking pain.No other strong medicinal dose was advised.

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