Pain In My Left Hip, It Started Sticking Like A Needle Now It Reach My Joint And Is Very Painfull When I Walk, Sitting Is Ok But To Move It Hurt Very

marcia bernard Says:

I started feeling like a needle going through the fatty part of my left hip, on last Monday it continue all week i had naproxen 500 for 2 days nothing happen, addvil, same ibroprophen no change it just getting hotter hotter when i stand and walk .it felt like a gas at first , now it feel like it reach my joint, and very pain full.

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Verwon Says:

this site does not provide any type of diagnose, treatments or prescriptions, this is an information only website.

Have you consulted your doctor?

Did you fall or injure your hip, in any manner?

Anytime you experience sudden pain, you should consult a doctor, especially if it continues to get worse. By not doing so and trying to self-treat the issue, you may actually be allowing permanent damage to occur.



And the active ingredient in Advil is Ibuprofen, so if one had no effect, then there other wouldn't likely help, either.

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Tiny Says:

I have been on vicodin for my back an hip so I was tired of taking them so I had back surgery an it didn't help I have nerve damage an so much pain in my legs an hip. I take gabipentin an vicodin but my doctor is making me find a pain doctor for my pain meds.

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