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kim Says:

I just started taking prozac and have been on it a week now, though I haven't seen or felt any difference yet. Does this medication make you gain weight?

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hannah Says:

Hey, well actually prozac usually has no side effects and I've been on it for almost a month. When my doctor asked me what my eating habits are like I said "good" and I asked why, and he said just to make sure, but prozac usually wont make you hungry or not hungry so it might be something else.

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Hue Says:

He is talking crap, I just started to take Prozac and it made me eat more too. I also had recovered and was off Diabetes meds and now I'm back on them cause of the Prozac too. So it made my reading high and the doctor told me it didn't. Prozac causes my blood pressure to go up too.

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Theresa Says:

Is anyone on this thread still on prozac? If so, are you doing ok on it? Please let me know. I have tried so many meds that didn't work and now I'm trying prozac. Please anyone help.

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Loo Loo Says:

I've used prozac for anxiety for years. I've never had a negative side effect. The only bad thing is if I can't get to the doctor for renewal I'm screwed. I don't know about eating probs because I am hypothyroidic. I gain weight drinking water, lol, and as far as increasing my bp, I have to watch out because my bp will go down a little if I take prozac later in the day for some reason. It's best to take early am so my fight or flight will be under control at work. It made me sleepy the first week or so and if I miss a few days there's no issue, just get back on as soon as possible, long term miss is a problem because I am bipolar. Prozac and Seroquil saved my life and my job.

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Francesa Says:

Re: Theresa (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

My daughter was on for 2 months. She was very tired and she said it was not doing anything for her, so her doctor upped it but she started having seizures so she had to go off. Has anyone had a seizure being on Prozac? My daughter lost weight on it and was not hungry at all.

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Cheryl Says:

After 23 years on Prozac, I now know that hormones are the main problem and my doctors just did not investigate why I have been struggling for so long. Prozac is being prescribed when the real issue is hormone problems.

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