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Dear Dr I am a 36 man , i have a rare disease in my both retin eyes since 4 years ago , and i have injected avastin + triamcinolone drug more than 15 times for each eye but the problem is repeated again and again my Dr advised me OZURDEX but i dont know can i believe it? please guide me. ## Hello, Saeed! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. What rare disease of the eye do you have? I can't really answer your question on whether or not a treatment is appropriate, without knowing more details. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!

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Four days after the injection complete Loss of vision developed and antibiotics were injected into eye but even after three months the vision is not ok. Previously I had taken Avastin thrice never had any problem . I strongly advise against use of ozurdex.


My sister is a chronic diabetic. In the past her eyes have been extensively laser-ed. One year back she received Avastin injection for edema in the retina which eventually subsided. Now again she has started developing edema. Her eye doctor now is suggesting ozurdex injection.Please advise as although avastin was an expensive injection, I believe ozurdex costs over Rs.65000.Should she suggest to her doctor to repeat avastin, and if so how often can it be given OR she has no option but to try ozurdex ## I have to apologize, because this site does not have any information on pricing in your country. However, the best advice I can provide is that her doctor would really know best what she should try, because they are the person most familiar with her medical condition and her full medical ...

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