Oxymorphone Hydrocloride 10mg Er Pharmacy That Fill These

Steve Says:

I live in the boro.... close to Nashville also. I have searched everywhere it seems, and was hoping someone could put me on the right path to a pharmacy that has them in the area.... Thank you

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boogieblue Says:

Rite aid in old hickory might be worth a shot. Unfortunately, pharmacies can not tell you over the phone if they have that medication. I know a lot of people who waste a lot of time and gas trying to fill opana scripts.

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Laura Says:

pardue on charolette pike nashville

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sassy Says:

Maybe try Publix. they are great.

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pray Says:

To get opana in mboro you have to live there and prove you do and then you can go to mills pharmacy on s church street or reeves-sain mermorial blvd is the best one

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pray Says:

There is also a hotline you can call to ask where you can get this med .it's been small mom and pop stores who have it ... new laws reeves-sain is the best in mboro and they will not say on phone but if i call ahead and tell them i am bring it in they order it if not enough and if i don't call they will order and it's there the next day and depending where you live they deliver, you just need to sign for it .. but you do have to have a vaild id that shows you live in mboro....they have been great... mills on church street i don't like them but they do carry it and can order it depends on your insurance. i was told he would loose money by my order and i had to give all my meds to him as in transfer all from walgreen to him...i did but he pulled me to the side ask me to ask my doctor change my med he didn't want to loose money and he would. that day i called my doctor and i went to reeves and sain been with them before mills was just closer to me but it worth the time 20 minutes to go to reeves and sain...hope this helps

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Jami Says:

I'm down around Pulaski, and have been dealing with that same problem for over a year . I have figured out that you need to find one pharmacy, and stick with it,even then, your not always guaranteed they will have it in stock for u..so you should call them a few days before your due for a refill to remind them, and give them a chance to order it for you.

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Curious80 Says:

I used to like in the boro but moved to clarksville which is a far drive for you. It can easily be found here at walgreens and kroger I know. So if they don't have it there it is because they don't want to have it. I never had a problem with the pharmacies here having the medication.

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Earl Says:

Since Opana ER is no longer available...what is comparable..?

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Ann Says:

Re: Earl (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I called Global Pharmaceutical, they said the (generic) Opana, which is Oxymorphone ER and IR, will be available with them. That they had no plans to stop manufacturing them! Endo says there is no generic in the normal sense. But, the name Opana is the trade name with the real drug being Oxymorphone.

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