Oxycontin Profuse Sweating

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Bill Says:

I have been on oxycontin for about 11 years for pain management. I take 80 to 100 mg per day in 20-30 mg doses orally. In the last couple of years I have developed a severe sweating problem...I will break into a sweat for no reason sometimes but usually upon any sort of stimulation physical or mental. I just went for a 10 minute walk and my shirt is soaked through...even the sleeves. If I play a set of music with my band, at the end of 40 minutes, I look like I stood in a shower with my clothes on. Is this normal as a side effect of oxycontin use? Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Verwon Says:

This can happen with the long-term use of most narcotics, because you are adding a chemical to your body and basically screwing with its function and chemistry.

It can also occur with some antibiotics, blood pressure medications, antidepressants and etc.

I was on pain management for about 7 years and experienced the same thing, I also experienced severe night sweats. Even after I stopped taking them, it persisted for almost 2 years.

When it finally eased off, I ended up with hypertension and the meds for that are causing the same problem.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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lost in the paper work Says:

yea crazy im 33 in good shape well kinda im a union carpenter have been for years stick build houses was on home made ladder 25-30 feet wen i was leaning to far to one side and wham woke up on the ground hard hat saved my mellon but i ended up blowing two discs in my neck fracturing 3 vertabrae in my back and all kinds of bumps and bruises that was 5 years ago all the docs nureosurgrers dont wanna do nuthin give me 160 40ml quick release oxcy and 180 percocets a month plus 12 epederils in my back wow what a waste now im a drug addict that hates his life allll because they give you this s*** it dont hurt then you come down and your in pain and dope sick yeaaaa thanks for listining and the spelling sucks its all good tho suboxone some one said it would help any one hear of it

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Bill Says:

Wow, I hope you are able to get off the oxy's some day. It really sucks having to use them forever. I think I will have to. My sweating seems to be getting a little better...maybe my brain is reformatting my body...I hope so!

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GrannyWeasel Says:

I've been on 20mg Oxycontin twice a day and have the same problem. I need to take a shower after vacuuming the house as I find I'm wringing wet from sweat. Unfortunately due to a very bad back, my doc said I'll be on them till the day I die. Oh joy!

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Gabrielle Says:

Watch the sweating and loss of body fluid. Make sure you replace. I packed up a house, did not pay attention to fluid replacement, sweated like a pig, got a Urinary Tract Infection, and Oxycontin masked the symptoms. I ended up in hospital with bilateral pyelonephritis and multi resistant septicaemia. I was one very sick puppy and one lucky woman not to surgically loose both my kidneys or worse, die. As it stands I have permanent damage to both kidneys, and am susceptible to septicaemia again. Watch those sweats.

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Glenn Says:

I just started taking Oxy's 20mg and sitting doing nothing I'm sweating all over. That's why I'm looking at this site. They sure took the pain away from my back so will have to persist till my back is better. They make me itch too but it is not that excessive.

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Steve Says:
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Suboxen is a good way to get off addiction to narcotics and ive seen a few people use it with great success. You must talk to your doctor about it first of course to make sure you dont have any issues taking it but from what i know and have seen personally it works awsome and should work for you. Also change your habits if possible, replace your usual schedule and routine to help your mind adjust also. Whenever you get a craving go for a walk or swim or workout, just dont sit around or allow your mind to think to much as this will hurt your cause to quit drugs and only make you crave them again. Keep your mind busy, it helps alot

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Td5150 Says:
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Yes!!! It's soooo embarrassing .. This is the first I've heard That side effects of OxyContin causes this

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sandra Says:
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Ive been on oxycontin for past 2yrs and on 2×20mg daily lately the night sweats r waking me up I dont use covers and waken up as if just out shower. Esp hair its gross

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Soggy in UK Says:

I too have been taking OxyContin Slow Release (3x20mg twice a day) for pain, and am also experiencing severe sweating!!!! I reduced to 2x20 mg a year ago but it hasn't reduced the sweats. I get them with any activity and also when stressed. I get them multiple times a day and for no reason which I can figure out. I can't take this anymore! It is so depressing! I am a pretty woman but feel so rotten and want to hide when my face and head and back are dripping with sweat and my hair and shirt are soaking! I had a first date last night and on came the sweats. Sooooo embarrassing and I'm so sad because I feel like I am so gross no one would find me attractive!

The one thing I _have_ been aware of is that the sweats always seem to start after about 3 hours. I wonder if this is because the OxyContin in my blood stream has hit a low point (or possibly a peak?). I am trying to take as little Oxy as possible but if I take an OxyNorm 10mg (basically OxyContin normal release) then I find the sweating stops! But I sure don't want to take more Oxy than necessary! Has anyone else noticed this?

I am at a loss of what to do. My pain is such that this will be forever, but I don't think I can take this sweating business forever!

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Donna Says:

Yes--any kind of stimulation or anxiety causes profuse sweating. I teach and at the end of class my make up is gone and I looked drenched. It begins in my head and drips onto the children's papers. It is controlling my life. Is there help for this or must we just endure? What do you take it for? I use it for chronic pain

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Never a sweaty person, now after oxy 20mg 2xa day im always either sweating or freezing. Sweating at night began after my first bout of withdrawl and has continued ever since. Glad im not the only one

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Steve Says:
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I have taken OxyContin Slow Release for almost 11 years and stopped for about 2 years in the middle before my chronic and severe nerve pain and osteo-arthritis pain returned with a major vengeance. I now take OxyContin and Seupedol (instant release) daily - 1 x 40mg oxy in the morning and 1 x 40mg at bedtime and about 15 x 20mg seupedol during the day, every 4 tabs every 4 hours or so. I have a very high pain threshold and a very high tolerance to pain medications so i need to take this much medication to get any relief, its not an abuse issue. I have taken both these meds for about 4 years now and never had any sweating issues until about a year ago and now i get it on and off all the time and it sucks bigtime. Night sweats, after shower sweats, (which really suck after getting all clean lol), and sporatic daytime sweats which seriously piss me off making me change clothes constantly. I wakeup either cold in pain or cold and wet in pain and in the winter it really sucks, summer isnt so bad though. The Body is releasing heat from the medications i know but other times its not the meds its just my body releasing sweat it seems for no purpose. Im wondering if anybody else has found anything to stop or limit these damn sweats and if so what is it?? After using these meds for so many years im used to them now and need them for very painful chronic pain and will more then likely be on them for the rest of my life barring some miracle cure or by the grace of God all my horrible chronic nerve pain and Osteo-arthritic pain stops but i highly doubt that. Osteo-arthritis rarely gets better, especially after 40 which i am now, nerve pain may stop but thats total speculation as nerve pain plays by its own rules and can last forever or stop out of the blue. I wish these Big Pharma companies could figure out a way to make the meds take the pain away like they do but prevent all the side-affects like sweating, constipation, anxiety, over-active mind, etc. I know the sweating is from the body over-heating and releasing fluid to lower body temps but sometimes it seems my body is sweating for no reason at all and thats the super annoying part. Again if anybody has any ideas or proven methods against sweating please reply. Ive worked out all the other side-affects except the terrible sweating issue, its hard to live in 24/7/365 pain as it is, but adding the sweats is literally intolerable and super frustrating, not to mention disgusting and gross lol. (And Thx for taking the time to read my post)

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Karen Says:

I have only just been given oxycontin slow release after trying other types of pain relive that haven't helped for my lower back pain caused by arthritis. I take it 12hourly plus have oxynorm for break through pain. It works well for pain relief but already I am severing with extreme sweating night and day, also itching skin. Anyone know of anything that can help with this?

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Jane Says:
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I too get the sweats from meds try epsom salt w lavendar in a bath after thr night sweats wake you makes me comfy and feel so much better. it is really annoying though to awake freezing cause the sweat. I Take one every am at like 1:00 am then again before I leave for day, regular epsom salt is good w lavendar drops or buy calgon thru infuse the lavender and lavendar helps you relax and sooth mood. Hope this helps.

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Steve Says:
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I Posted about SUBOXEN being a good way of getting OFF of Narcotic pain medications and i noticed 2 people had hit the RED - UN-HELPFUL tab below my post. If you were one of these 2 people OR you maybe know why they think my post was wrong/bad/UN-helpful etc, Please reply to this message and let me know. Im just curious as to why my message was wrong or whatever? If i said something wrong i would like to know why? Thank you

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Rosey Says:

I have the same issues, mostly during the day upon rising. i get up late so I thought it was from not eating, but when I do eat anything it gets even worse. I though it was low blood sugar or high blood sugar, but took the A1c test at it is normal range. I usually do better after my 3 dose in the evening. I never did this taking only extended realease morphine. I'm thinking that my body is metabolizing the immediate realease. In fact I started doing the same thing with the 60 mg ER i was on for a few years. I wish Ide never got on the oxycodone, I miss having normal warm skin, seems like my skin is always cold and sweaty and my hair is soak and wet. Have to use a fan all the time seems like. I do ok as long as I don't eat anything, like when I had to fast for a colonoscopy, strange. So eating causes your metabolism to work and maybe it causes your body to use up the pain meds and not eneough ubsorbs and i have withdrawal symptoms, sometimes so bad that I'm chilling, stomach cramps, lethargice and diarhea.

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Deb Says:

When I was first prescribed oxycontin op just about a yr. ago, I had profuse sweating every night, though it has subsided about 4-6 months ago. I never (thankfuly, as it sounds awful) had sweating during the day. I also never experienced itching of my skin except very rarely and only when I first started about a yr. ago. Again, I am thankful that I do not have this side effect. Just last week my oxycontin dose was increased by 10mg. due to tolerance development. I was not getting the same relief. I have chronic osteoporosis pain with metal in my left leg and screws in my hip and knee due to a femur and partial hip fracture about a yr. ago. My pain is constant and chronic. I wake up at night with stabbing pain out of no where screaming, then it subsides and I fall back to sleep. When I wake I can hardly walk until I take ocycontin and I'm given oxycodone for breakthrough pain..............Anyway, the original post was about sweats and I haven't had any bad side effects except constipation for which I take Senna S which seems to help so far.

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kacee Says:

I am on oxy n it rots teeth. I have to get implants in a yr bc of it softening teeth. Been on since 07. I also sweat.

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dc Says:
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To Rosy...thanks! I now understand why I too experience clamynesss then sweating & I sometimes get stomach cramps& diarrhea. I've never taken long active morphine but last refill, my insurance wouldn't pay so, I'm not sure what my Dr will do...........and, for all those judgment Al people who have never been in chronic pain, I know that I would not be able to walk if I didn't have prescribed pain meds from respectable pain management doctor's. I and would encourage any one to be very grateful for a compassionate knowledgeable and respected (though strict )pain management specialist. ......

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