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no pain tolernence Says:

I got from india oxy 80 with tylenol 325 they are orange no score nothing just orange and smell like bleach poorly pressed break easy

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Verwon Says:

From what I'm finding doing various internet searches, these are counterfeit.

I kind of suspected as much when I first read your post, in the many years I've been seeing such posts online about drugs from virtually any country in the world, I've never had anyone mention an 80/325 dosage before.

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Have you tried getting in touch with the place you ordered from?

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christina Says:

Can you send me the sight I live in cincinnati oh can't find a dr my email is [email protected] {edited for privacy}

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aslay47 Says:

All them pills from india are FAKE

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Tracy Says:

I know this is old, but incase anyone new reads this......

This is correct.....oxycodone/APAP ( Percocet generic) does not come in 80 MG. They ONLY come in 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg. I don't believe Percocet, like hydrocodone ( Vicodin, etc) comes in a 2.5mg. Plain oxycodone comes in higher MG's but they do not contain acetaminophen ( Tylenol). I actually don't even think they come in 80mg but I could be wrong.....from what I can remember, a dose that high is found in OxyContin....the long acting form of oxycodone.

So, to the OP, you are right, you were scammed. There isn't a pharmacy on the internet that will sell you these meds without a script unless they are scamming you! I would never order meds from a web-based pharmacy...not meds such as these.

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Tracy Says:

Christina....do not waste your money! Not only are the meds fake but they are dangerous as well! You have no idea and no way of knowing what is really in those meds. Sure, you could have them tested at a lab but only if you want to get in trouble for purchasing a controlled substance without a script! You could actually do jail time as it is no different than buying them on the street from a drug dealer....except for the fact you are getting fake pills with no narcotic in them. But, that will not matter in court as the intent was there! I'm not trying to come down on you or be snotty, just informing you of the facts!

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Tracy Says:

You're right, Verwon....there is no such thing as oxycodone/acetaminophen in an 80 MG dose. Plain oxycodone MAY go that high but I have only seen it in OxyContin.....the long acting oxycodone. If anyone is trying to sell you 80/325 Percocet, oxy/APAP, etc.....that is your first clue that they are fake. Second clue? Buying them on the Internet. No reputable pharmacy is going to sell rx meds without an rx....especially things like oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, etc. Those "legit" places just do not exist! Anyone to buy like this is taking a huge risk of jail time which would be the least of your worries as the worst thing that could happen is these fakes can kill you! I wish people would understand that!

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Ding Says:

It's all still the same, the FDA won't do anything about low quality, cheap produced medications, because big pharmaceutical companies will cut off the bribe money.

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Optimistic Says:

Maybe get your medication from a real pharmacy? That way they won’t be fake and dangerous.

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