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I have been on norco 10/325 for about 5 yrs now and have had some issues with it working and talked with my pain dr and she took me off it and gave me oxycodone hcl 5mg and was wondering if there is a difference and if the norco was stronger or the oxycodone and I have heard that oxycodone was very addictive is this true

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Oxy's are a lol stronger and I would say there bolth as adicting. The morbid was a higher mil. But perks are a lol better would try to get them in 10th nil. Tho if if tolorance is up from bein on em for that long.

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I think ash answered your question pretty well. I just wanted to reiterate that every single one of these medications can effect you and I, and ash differently, despite being regarded as better or worse for the vast majority of people.

I have heard that Oxycodone is stronger than Norco, although some people may still have a better reaction to Norco than Oxycodone and therefore prefer its weaker pain relief and a sane mind over enhanced pain relief and a negative reaction. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to give it a go and see how you feel over the coarse of a week or so and make adjustments as needed.

I hope this helps!

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