Oxycodone 30mg By Lupin (new 2021)

Rawdog Says:

I just picked up my prescription from a mom n pop pharmacy. Seems like every other month they have a different manufacturer. Trust me I know - they buy the cheapest brand lot available at the time. But these new ones I just got are horrible. They're produced by Lupin Pharmaceuticals. They are blue in color and HARD as a rock!!! When I visit the website they keep comparing themselves to Mallinckrodt. I used to get Mallinckrodt before I switched to the new pharmacy and they were by far the best. But just be aware these new ones by Lupin SUCK so check your pills before you leave the window and request different ones. You'll thank me later.

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Optimistic Says:

Interesting. Thanks. The Mallinckrodt Adderall are awful so I would have been worried about their pain meds.

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Margaret Says:

What difference is it if they are hard or taste bad? One doesn’t chew meds or leave it in mouth long enough to get the taste. As long as it works for pain. It sounds to me that these pills are abused, or people wouldn’t be worried about hard tablets. Mostly all meds are hard, they aren’t soft. Only people who would want to break it up would complain.

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Rawdog Says:

Re: Margaret (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Well first off i dont care what it sounds like to you, and NO I don't abuse my meds!!! Good for you that all your pills are hard and taste bad. So if you must know sometimes when i need fast relief I'll bite one in half and it helps to dissolve quicker and I almost broke my tooth when I did. I know other people only take half sometimes so I was letting them know also. So don't be so quick to judge!!!!

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VerFree Says:

The generic provided by any given pharmacy can vary, regularly, depending on which manufacturer was offering the cheapest price through their distributor, at the time they needed to restock their supply.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

No pharmacy is obligated to provide you with medication from a different manufacturer, unless your doctor has specified that you require the name brand.

If you are tasting your medications, then you are likely taking them improperly. Pills should be placed as far back on the tongue, as possible, but avoiding choking on them, and then immediately swallowed with a full, 8 ounce, glass of liquid.

Is there anything I can help with?

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Brandy Says:

Re: Margaret (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

That is so not true! I have a hyetal hernia in my throat and I have to break or crush medication and put them in pudding, applesauce, or ice cream to take them or they get stuck in my throat! Please don't accuse everyone of doing nefarious things, it really is rude!

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Margaret (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

He’s saying they’re a different formulation.
When I only want to take half a pill, if they’re too soft you can’t break them without it crumbling, making it impossible to gauge half.
It makes a difference.

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Beth Says:

Absolutely! Lupin, Aurobindo, Mallinckrodt!!!! I’ve almost Died on these brands!! Turn bad drugs in to med watch they print it on everything when you have a bad reaction to the drug and a company called Medwatch immediately keep calling them every time you have a bad drug call them after I called them for four months I was assigned an FDA agent in Washington DC to talk to about bad drugs it was a miracle it’s worth it call Medwatch.! I’ve done some research and according to the FDA it’s mandatory for all generic drugs to have a certain amount of cornstarch in them well for those of us that are highly allergic to corn there’s your answer! I just got through telling my podiatrist today that Mallinckrodt started out as a huge company but they sold their generic pain medication to another company back a year or two ago I don’t know how they have taken over they must be selling them dirt cheap to these pharmacies and I was explaining this to my podiatrist today and I told her that I would have to take four or five of the 7.5‘s to even make one 10 mg of hydrocodone by Qualitest there’s all the difference in the world! Back in 1984 they came up with the wax HATCHMAN Act!!! The generics can be within 20% higher or 20% lower in the main ingredient in the pill! In other words if it’s hydrocodone we’re talking then Mallinckrodt is Probably putting in an M3 67 which is a 10 mg I’m guessing that there’s only 5% at the most of hydrocodone in that 10 mg pill and they’re getting by with it Legally I’ll bet you Pharmacy’s aren’t paying probably $.50 a pill!! I would be willing to bet! I called three universities last year and I talk to them I haven’t fallen through because I’ve been fighting for my life but I called three universities and ask them if I donated some of these medication and some of the refills signed all the papers everything is kosher if they could take it apart and tell me exactly what’s in one of those made by Mallinckrodt!!! After much research I was given a thumbs up that it could be done lots of papers had to be signed and then I got really sick I’ve had several surgeries but I still plan on following through with that because I wanna know what’s in those blasted M367, M366?!??? There is one generic I have found to be pretty decent and it’s made by Perdue!!!

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JtAlmond Says:

Mallinckrodt oxycodone smashes up so users can abuse the medication. The new stuff is touted as being abuse proof specifically so it can't be insufflated or injected. Swallow the pill whole with water.

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Optimistic Says:

Back in September pain management told me there were backorders on 10mg and since then I only had one off brand it was Rhodes, and it worked but it made me mean. Next fill they were back to the pink ones.
Thank you for the heads up I will avoid these.
Also stay away from anything made by Aurobindo. Their adderall isn’t Adderall and their zofran almost gave me TD.

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