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oxycodone ir 30mg qualitest

I have been taking this for some time now. Recently, I have discovered that they must be counterfeit, because they don't work now. What has happened to the Qualitest brand? They (Qualitest) are no good and don't help with my pain. I need help, and maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. Qualitest now sucks, so I need a new med that works. I am in pain. The fakes don't work. I can rarely get the real ones, cause, they work!! ## Qualtest and Mallincot the same , ? ## Between 30 mg qualtest and Activus , which one would you prefer for pain. ## I have been taking the Qualitest Vicoprofen for a year or two now. They seem to work pretty well for me. I always get mine from the same pharmacy. Now today I go there and they tell me they are back ordered and they don't kn...

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OXYIR 5MG vs Percocet 5mg

I usually take three 5mg generic percocets that are not Instant Release. I just picked up my script and noticed it has been changed to generic OxyIR that is Instant Release. Do I take my dose as usual? What would be the differences or hazards? ## You should take your dose according to whatever your doctor's prescribing instructions are. The difference between the two is that the Percocet contained both Oxycodone and Acetaminophen and was a regular release formula. The OxyIR contains JUST Oxycodone, without the Acetaminophen and is instant release, so it works to relieve your pain much faster. The side effects are about the same, you may experience: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Do you have any other questions? ## If you can get it, I have found the perc/oxycodone 1...

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Oxy IR capsules better than tablets

I'm currently on 4 15 mg roxycodone tablets an I'm supposed to be on 12 30mg oxycodone ir 360a month I have been on for over 8yrs got a new kinda doctor an took my dose from half or more I'm losing not only amount in mgs but alot of tablets to an I'm disabled it was the only medication that has ever worked for me I never had any issues or ask to fix this an that now I'm on 120 15mg 4 talets aday an with all my legitimate records I'm undermedicated an going crazy so would 120 15mg oxyir capsules help my pain better an faster than the tablets plz let me no thanks ## Hello, Ken! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. However, there are no 15mg IR capsules available. The instant release capsules are only available in 5mg doses. The others are either...

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oxyir cap 0xycodone hcl

found this word for a drug to try for pain never seen it before buy was wondering if it was a good pain relief? ## I am taking 10mg of oxycodone three times a day following low lumbar-sacral surgery. The pain relief last for 3-4 hours. Do you have any suggestions for more even and complete pain relief. ## Right now I'm currently taking 15mg oxycodone 3x a day from fractured hip in a car accident and unfortunately it didn't healed properly so now I have what they call a non-healing femoral fracture. I know what you mean though, I feel as if the meds wear off after 3-4 hours and its tough. I've been practically begging my pain management doc to increase but due to my age, I'm 22 I assume he doesn't feel comfortable. It really sucks being in constant pain and I'm su...

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Capsules OXY IR 5mg

The medication I have been getting. The 5mg OXY IR caps with the O-IR and pf 5mg, they seem to be small inside, they only fill up the 1/4 of the way. Is my pharmacist ripping me off? I remember them reaching past the PF mark and now they barely reach the 5mg mark..any help would greatly appreciated. ## No that is how much is suppose to be in each capsule. It is just pure without filler which is great. They were great for me. Took the tabs for awhile but the capsules seem best. ## The malikoft capsules of Oxy IR worked better when they had the filler added. They seemed to have removed the filler around the beginning of this year. I have had huge issues even getting a capsule, seems my pharmacists are only getting tablets, which do not work as well for some strange reason. ## The reason y...

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OxyIR 5mg.

Pain medication ## I switched to OxyIR 5mg-1 every 6 hrs & Oxycontin 20mg-1 per 12hrs about a year ago. I have severe Fibromyalgia, have had 4 back surgeries, cancer AND Hepatitis C. Oxy. is NOT filtered through the liver. The '20mg' is used to EXTEND the relief of the 5mg. I was previously taking Percocet 10/650. The OxyIR doesn't seem to work quite as well, but I feel safer, because Percocet contains so much acetamenaphin (tylenol) and goes directly thru the liver that wasn't good for ME. As I previously stated, I switched to OxyIR about a year ago, but have been on this type (combination) of meds for 8 yrs now. It doesn't make me high, or any of the OTHER things, even professionals, (nurses) assume. It simply relieves my pain. I'm still amazed at the react...

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is the oxycodone ir as strong as the oxycontonold

I need to knoe the 30mg oxycodone 30mg. what is titrstion to oxycontin 80 mg. and what is oxycodone fast? answere asap ## The one that is just called Oxycodone, would be a regular release formulation. A generic for Roxicodone, this means it takes time to dissolve in your stomach and enter your body to start working, usually about 15 to 20 minutes. Oxycontin is a time released formulation of the same medication. It is taken every 12 hours to treat chronic and severe pain. The OxyFast or OxyIR means that it is designed to start releasing the medication as soon as you swallow it, to help get pain relief much faster. Do you have any other questions?

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the ir oxy contin are they still available

i want to knoe who makes the oxy ir and how much different are they i took brwn ones before and they work fin ## The OxyIR, which is instant release Oxycodone is still available, however, since it is also on the market as a generic, there are several manufacturers that make it. Just saying brown doesn't give me enough information to help me. Was it a tablet or a capsule?

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