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oxyfast 20mgs tablet

does oxyfast come in a 20 mg. tablet, and is it available in a generic? ex.- 20mg. oxycodone IR generic, my insurance only covers this med and percacet ,but I don't want the tyenol in this med. for liver cocerns. thank you Rm ## A friend gave me a little round yellowish pill (L113 on one side & 20 on the other side without a scoring mark) for my neck pain & said it was a 20mg instant release Roxy but I didn't want 2 take anything I am unsure about so I looked it up & it said it was like pepcid, an antacid, so what is it really? thanks unsure! ## HEY BUD YOUR FRIEND DEFANITLY GAVE YOU A PEPCID! IM A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN TRAINING TO BE A REGISTERED PHARMACIST NEXT TIME CALL POISION CONTROL OR LOOK IT UP BEFORE YOU TAKE IT K. I HOPE YOUR NECK IS BETTER :) ## In regards t...

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OxyFast Withdrawal Support

I am a chronic pain patient and have been on 30 mg of oxyfast (liquid oxycodone) every 3 hours for the past two years. I had gastric bypass several years back and have had every complication you can probably think of. I have had several surgeries since and in and out of the hospital for failure to thrive, muscle atrophy, etc. I also have severe Arthritis in both of my knees, hands, and spine. I was in a nursing home for 30 days last year at this time wheel chair bound and 30 pounds underweight. They placed a central PICC line in my chest for TPN. I thought I had my life back until I went to my routine PM doc appt. 2 weeks ago. My normal doctor left the practice in March and I have been seeing a PA. Anyway, I walked in to be informed that I was being cut off of my medication and given ju...

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