Ovacare Forte A+b

pooja Says:

I have irregular periods for which my doctor prescribed ovacare forte for 3 months...saphiene for pregnancy and flovite...can i take all of these tablets together or is there any side effect? I want to be able to conceive...how's it possible...pls help me.

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Verwon Says:

For the best possible chance of conceiving, you should follow your doctors instructions and advice.

Ovacare is a nutritional supplement that contains various vitamins and minerals, because it's known that a deficiency in some of them can cause fertility issues.

Learn more Vitamin details here.

The Folvite is a folic acid supplement, it is another nutrient that's vital to your health and your ability to get pregnant.

Learn more Folic Acid details here.

And since they are supplement, they have not been tested for side effects, but they may cause some nausea when you take them and yes, you can take them both at the same time.

However, I cannot find anything under the name Saphiene. Do you have any other information on it?

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pooja Says:

It's not saphine, it's siphene... I have also taken duphaston.

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p jain Says:

i m suffring frm pcos...i hv an irregular periods..my doctor prescribd me ovacare forte, folvite, siphene for pregnancy, duphaston for 3 courses....i want 2 concieve..hw sit possible...pls xplain..which day is best for concieving?

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snaveed Says:

i have married since 15 months before but i can't conceive yet. my period is sometimes irregular but mostly regular. my dr has took all possible test like FSH, LH, THYROID, BLOOD, GLUCOSE as well as ultrasound of pelvic but all test are clear. gynaecologist recommended tablet ovi f (clomiphene citrate), surbex z and foreva. kindly tell me how i can conceive??

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Sree Says:

Hi, Am trying to conceive and my doctor suggested to take Ubiphene for first 5 days of my period and then Progynova from 6th day to ovulation. She also asked me to take Ovacare and Folvite daily. Is it ok. Can I conceive if I take these tablets as prescribed?

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Sojaku Says:


I was undergoing follicular study under my gynac. Taking the following medicine:

-Goodova for 5 days since menses
-Hcg 10000 injection post ovulation cap miprogen.

Also, I have been taking ovacare forte as I am suffering from pcod.

This month we don't want to go for a follicular study. Should I continue with ovacare forte and discontinue all other medicines?

Or should I see my gynac again? If I go to him, he may ask to still undergo follicular study but I want to take a break!

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VP Kaushik Says:

Please get a serum Protraction test, TORCH Igg and IGM, ICT if blood group RH factor is Negative, Follicular thorough study. Better if U try to conceive within 24 Hours of rupturing of follicle with optimum Size about 20 and above. This will likely happen from the 10th to 13th day estimating.

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P Singh Says:

Yes u can take both. This medicine apart of meyer organics and I m also apart of meyer organics

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Sheela Says:

Hi...I have regular periods and since I had taken steroids for a skin allergy, I was diagnosed with pcod..but I have regular periods..and my doctor has prescribed me to take ovacare forte 2 times a day..morning and afternoon and b long f once a day in the morning. And obimet sr 500mg once a day in the afternoon...all these for 3 months...so will this be enough for me to get pregnant?

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Tanvi Says:

Can ovacare forte a+b and folitrax 10 Mg be taken together?

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Paddu Says:

I am paddu and I am suffering from pcod. When I use ovacare forte tablets how long do I take them for?

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Mou Says:

Can I take Ovacare Myo A+B tables after iui? If not, when can I take it?

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