Oralcon Contraceptive Pills: Can You Get Pregnant While Taking?

Wellmah Says:

I wanted to know if I could use oralcon pills and if there's still a chance of me getting pregnant while taking them? I'm asthmatic. Can the pills interfere with my medication?

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sindi Says:


I used oralcon for the1st time in december 29. That was the beginning of my new cycle for only 5 days. It made me sick, then I stopped it. My periods continued till the 12 Jan. Was feeling weak then went to the Dr on the 12 Feb. Pregnancy test was faint positive. Am I really pregnant, or are my periods are still to come since I have menstrual cramps?

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Sam Says:


I have been on the contraceptive pill for 7 years now (Oralcon). I am a very consistent individual where my periods are concerned. I have never missed a period once ever. The only time I did not have a period is when I found out I was pregnant which was 8 years ago. I did not take my pill on time twice in this month. I was a day late, but I took my missed pill immediately when I remembered. This has happened to me previously and when I was due to get my period, it was just not a normal flow, it as a very light flow, almost like spotting.

The problem I have now is that I was due to have my period last week, which I did not get at all. Till now I have not gotten any period, or even spotting. Could my period be absent this month cause of the PILL that is not consistent in my body or could it be that I am pregnant. I have taken a pregnancy test though..when my period was due which was twice last week and both of it was negative.

What are your thoughts?


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chick11 Says:

Hey !!..I have just given birth and on my 6 week check up i was given oralcon...I have taken oralcon for exactly 14 days and on the night of the 14th tablet I had intercourse ...exactly a week later at night I felt very dizzy and vomited once the next day and the following day I kept feeling a bit light headed ....could I b pregnant ???..and since it was my 1st time on the tablet after giving birth was I suppose to give the tablet more time to get into my system or am I safe ???...scared to death

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Beauty Says:

Hey, I am using oralcon for the first time. Is it going to prevent me from getting pregnant when I stop taking the pills?

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happy Says:

am on oralcon pill...now am on white but what surprised me!!!!am still starting my period before getting on red pills....what does mean?or it's normal thing

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Lala Says:

I was on depo for 3 yrs then I changed due to high blood pressure was given overall then nordette had my period while on 17th pill finished all my red pills but there was no period...today at the clinic am given oralcon is it good to use and will I start afresh with side effects wanna know are they bad as I read them on the internet?

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Lilly Says:

Hey, I need help. I had unprotected intercourse then I was advised to start taking oralcon. Is it going to prevent pregnancy after taking my first pill some hours before I had intercourse?

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Kaytee Says:

Re: Sam (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hi sam the sme thing has happend to me, I had an irregular period last month that lasted abt 2 days, more like spotting , i took a test 2wice last month but it was negative, this month my period was for like an hour , i tested again and stil negative up till now i didnt get my period. Is it just 1 of the side effects

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Fufu Says:

Dear Sir/madam,

I just got oralcon tablets. I want to know what are red tablets for and also what are the white tablets for?

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mbali Says:

Hi. Yesterday I had unprotected intercourse, but I took my oralcon pill at 8am before intercourse and today I forgot it. Will I get pregnant?

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Shady Says:

I've been on the 3 month oral contraceptive only once and that was from the 28th of Aug to the 28th of November. I had unprotected intercourse after the 3 months but with no luck of conceiving. It's April now and I've started using Oralcon. I'm on my second week now and I had unprotected intercourse last night. What are the possibilities of me being pregnant? Or how long will it take?

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Tina Says:

Hi my name is Tina and have been using the oralcon tablet to regulate my periods. My main issue is to fall pregnant. Is it possible to fall pregnant whille am on oralcon please help me

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Naidoo10 Says:

Hi, this is my first time on a contraceptive and I started taking oralcon on the 3rd day of my period. I had waited 7 days whilst on the pill before having intercourse without a condom. I am now on the second red pill and displaying symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings and an increase in appetite...is there a possibility that I could be pregnant?

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lerato Says:

I've been using oralcol since 26 last month and my vigina jst became big ol of the sudden and I have too much discharge

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