Oralcon Contraceptive Pills

lolo Says:

Am using oralcon for the first time. I just wanted to know when will I have my periods because I am now taking the red pill, am on the 3rd pill, but still nothing. Am now worried, can I be pregnant?

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David Says:

Usually when you first start taking birth control, it's contraceptive effects generally don't take full effect until the first couple weeks or month after you begin treatment. Although I think this long time frame/waiting period may vary according to the brand.

I'm not sure if your doctor or gynecologist also mentioned this, but irregular periods and missed periods are common side effects associated with these types of medications. This is largely due to the fluctuation in hormone levels, which ultimately have a direct impact on your menstrual cycles.

Have you taken a pregnancy test yet to confirm whether or not you're actually pregnant?

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Jane Says:

Hi i only started using triphasil medication on the 11sep the day my period started &on the 21 i had intercourse bt the condoms burst do you i think i might fall pregnant even though i'm on a pill

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Gillian Says:

Hi I normally get my period on when I reach the 4th last red pill last month I got my period on the 2nd last pill and this month I only start seeing some brownish liquid on the last pill. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but I am still worried could I be pregnant but on my early stage or not. Is the pill dangerous when you drink it without knowing you are pregnant. Please advice

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queen T Says:

The nurse advised me to go on "oralcon" because I am intimately active and I plan on sleeping with my boyfriend for the first time , so I'm going to take my FIRST pill in a few hours time ? But I would like to know how long it takes before it takes full effect? I have acne aswell so will it help for that? , and my periods are irregular I would like to know what are the side effects? And how effective this pill is before I take my first pill .

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Joycie Says:

Hi there. I started taking hormonal contraceptives for the first time last year September. I was first on the two month contraceptive injection and than immediately changed to the three month injection when it was time for my second injection because the irregular, prolonged bleeding annoyed me. I have been on Oralcon since 25 February 2014. I am currently on my 4th inactive red pill and have not yet had my period. I take my pill at 7pm every night. My breasts are tender and I have been experiencing lower abdominal pains. I have had unprotected intercourse but still no period. Is this normal?

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jane Says:

I am on oralcon for the first time I have skiped 1 pill in my second week and now I have 3 red pills left and no period yet. Might I be pregnant ?

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Joe Says:

Hi I have been on the Triphisal pill for a few months but than switched to oral con as the nurse subscribed. on the last of using the triphisal pill I had unprotected intercourse with my bf and the following day I started with the oral con pill. I started to feel dizzy and has a lost of appetite. Also i get nausea and throw up. This is my first time using the oral con pill. I just want to find out if there might be a possibility that I might be pregnant or are the oral con pill still getting use to my system?

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kay Says:

I am on my 4th red pill of triphasil but haven't received my periods yet.should I be worried? please help!

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kay Says:

hi, I am on my 4th red pill of triphasil but haven't recieved my periods yet. should I be worried?

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Bongi Says:

It is true that Oralcon are used by woman who having child or childs? coz im confused now im not having a baby at all and im using oralcon, so would i gt problem when i wanna gt pregnant for the first time ?

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dedre Says:

I am on my fourth red pill of thriphisal and haven't seen my period. Should i be worried? I have a baby of 5 months and i am on the pill for four months, and was unprotected during intimacy for the first time last week with my bf after i gave birth in the month of august.

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Sam Says:

Hi I started taking oralcon late month for the first time and I haven't taken the white pill for the past 5 days. I started on my cycle today. Do I continue taking the pill as normal or just stop?

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Draya Says:

Hi. I started using oralcon on the first of December. Then I did not take my pill from the 22nd till the 26th and on the 23rd I had unprotected intercourse with my bf... I started seeing periods after 3 days of stopping the pill. Could I get pregnant?

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Tshego Says:

Hi, I'm 20 years old... I took 4 oralcons (white pills) not knowing I was pregnant. Will they cause me to have a miscarriage?

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zoleka Says:

I just had intercourse one hour ago, so I was wondering if I could use oralcon as an emergency contraceptive pill?

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Girly Says:

Hi. I'm on my third day of my period and want to start the OralCon pill. Do i start with the red ones or just the beginning (white ones)?
Also, do i take them at exactly the same time everyday?

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Missy Says:

Hey, i heard u can use oracon f as an emergency contraception. I also heard you're supposed to take 4 pills 12 hrs apart within 120hrs from intercourse.. How true is this? Thanks.

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Magnus Says:

Hi. I have being using oralcon for a week now and my period is on its 10th day now. I usually have a very heavy flow but it wasn't as heavy as it used to be. Is there something wrong or is this a normal side effect?

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Monalisa Says:

Hey. I was using the 2 month contraceptive inj. for only 4 months, then i stopped because i wanted to have a baby. My menstrual cycle has changed. So I went to the doctor and he gave me oralcon to use. Can i use it or not to regulate my period?

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sarah Says:

Hi, I just started using oralcon and I mistakenly took the red pill on my first day of periods but took the white one on the second day and the third day. Should I continue with the white ones?

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