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whats good for a toothache

I HAVE BEEN TAKING ALL TYPES OF ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDS AND ORALGEL MAXIMUM STRENGTH SO WHAT ELSE CAN I TAKE? I'M DESPERATE. IT REALLY HURTS, TILL I GET THIS TOOTH PULL NEXT SATURDAY. ## Clove oils and bc powders are the best. You can buy them over the counter. I use a brand called goody's. I also suck on ice when it gets so bad nothing works, cause I go through this very often. All my teeth are bad, and damaged at the roots. ## You can try Krys's ideas, but otherwise there isn't a lot anyone can suggest, since we don't know the specifics of what NSAIDs you've been taking, and how much of them you've taken. Orajel is usually good, but it doesn't tend to last long, since your saliva tends to wash it away very quickly. The ice might not be a good idea for ev...

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Donde Comprarlo AnaDent?

Donde puedo encontrar AnaDent in Passaic NJ? Tengo un fuerte dolor d muela y no se donde encontrar. Porfavor ayuda. ## Contiene el ingrediente activo benzocaína, que es un anestésico tópico. Está disponible en los EE. UU. En la mayoría de las tiendas con la marca Orajel o un equivalente genérico. Solo asegúrate de obtener uno que sea seguro de usar por vía oral. La FDA enumera los efectos secundarios típicos que posiblemente incluyan entumecimiento de boca / garganta, náuseas y un sabor extraño. ¿Hay algo más con lo que pueda ayudar?

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Antiobiotic or Tooth Infection Not Working

Tooth Pain/Root Canal/Crown/Antibiotics Not Working/Severe Pain Just over a year ago I had a root canal and a crown on the same tooth. On and off when I would floss there was a little blood and the crown felt a little 'off.' But I had no problem chewing. Now these many months later out of nowhere-I wake in severe pain in THAT area. Anything bothers it. I mean anything. I'm in severe pain. I know pain as I am a patient with spine issues. Anyway I try to wait it out to see if it's temporary, I was afterall raised this way but after two, then three days, I can't take it anymore and the Orajel is NOT doing its thing. I call the dentist. Gets me in pretty quick. Thank you! Xrays taken, takes a look, cannot see anything. Prescribes antibiotics. After two and a half days, t...

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I do not have dental insurance and I am suffering from a toothache. From past experiences, it feels like an exposed nerve. Is there anything over the counter that you can recommend I take to help reduce any infection as well as reduce the pain? ## Hi, Spencer! Sorry about the toothache. No, there is nothing available over the counter that can help with the infection. That's going to require an antibiotic and those are only available by prescription, except for the ointments that can't be used in your mouth. For pain, there are several options, such as Orajel and Anbesol, but they are just topical anesthetics that won't last for long, plus you need to check with a doctor or dentist to make sure they are safe for you to use. I know it can be expensive, but you really need to s...

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my dad used to use a medicine for mouth sores he got when he chewed- he thought it was called painla- does anyone know. I can't find it. thanks ## Was it an over the counter product? From the name, I'm assuming it probably was and, in that case, it's very hard to say what it was and if it's still available. There are, however, similar products on the market that serve virtually the same purpose, such as Orajel, which contains the topical anesthetic Benzocaine:

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