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Opium Tincture

I am a colon cancer survivor. Due to losing 9" of large intestines and all but 1" of rectum, I experience severe diarrhea and resulting horrendous rectal pain. My oncologist prescribed Tincture of Opium. As the name implies, this is serious medicine. I nursed my first prescription so it lasted four years (Feb. 2006 to Feb. 2010), second prescription three years (Feb. 2010 to June 2013). When I picked up third prescription and got home with it, it did not look the same and the name was different, "C-Morphine 10 MG/1ML SUSP AKA-Opium Tincture #118". So silly me, I thought it was a generic. The first time I had an episode of diarrhea and the accompanying rectal pain, I was bedridden for hours before the pain eased off to an endurable ache. My Tincture usually worked within ...

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Paregoric Camphorated Opium Tincture

Where can I buy Tincture of Opium? I live in Texas and have been taking it for four years for uncontrollable diarrhea and HAVE to have it. It has become increasingly hard to find and is a real headache each month. I am looking for a mail-in pharmacy so I won't have this problem each month! Thanks! ## did you try mexico. i had 35 of colon taking out. now only opm tin works.1 take 160 ml's month. while now its $850, do you think i can get doctor give script ant buy it in mexic ## I have taken paregoric for 40 yrs. for colon problems. It is the only thing that worked. I contacted Hi Tech, the only company in U.S. that was manufacturing it. I was told they stopped making it in July, and MAYBE some time down the line they will again apply to the FDA to start making it again. ## I hav...

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health insurance that covers Opium Tincture

trying to get a comprehensive list of Ins. companies that cover Opium tincture (so far Cigna does). ## i live in los angeles, i was prescribed opium tincture for loose bowels, by me having medi-cal, they won't cover it i need helpon information what insurace covers it..... ## Where did you get this medication? My husband's dr has prescribed, however, I can't find it. ## There is no given list of which company will cover any given medication, even if it has been prescribed. The only thing you can really do is research various health insurance companies, and look over their formularies. It is most commonly used to alleviate pain. The FDA warns that this medication carries a high risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, sedation, drowsi...

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ELIMINATE TASTE of opium when taking it.

I have been swollowing 3 drops 3 times per day of Tincture of Opium for the past 8 months. 1 week ago I put the 3 drops into a geletin capsule and swollowed it, eliminating the contact with the tongue etc.I have been taking the opium that way ever since. I drink a half glass of water with the capsule and then while it desolves in the stomach (about 20 minutes) I sip a little water during that time. My reasoning for the extra water is because when it desolves it is in a more concentrated form and might harm something.Each day since I started this I have noticed an improvement in the taste of food, not that tinny overpowering taste.WOW!! No more horrible taste when taking the medicine. Does anyone see anything wrong with this idea? The dropper puts the drops into the capsule so easy. ## T...

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ingrediants in paragoric

whats in paragoric ## Paregoric is a camphorate opium tincture. It's used to treat diarrhea, pain and coughing. Learn more Paregoric details here. It does have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as constipation, dizziness and nausea. Are there any questions or comments?

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