Opana Not Working As Well As Oxycontin

Bleegs Says:

I just had to switch from 2 x 80mg OxyContin ERs a day, to 2 x 40mg Opana ERs with 3 x 15mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. The Opana doesn't seem to be working as well. Does anybody know why that is?

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Verwon Says:

Why did you have to switch?

It may just be that it's not the right medication for you, not every medication works for everyone that tries it.

And if you just recently made this switch, it may be due to your body trying to adjust to the change.

Learn more Opana details here.

How long ago did you switch medications?

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bleegs Says:

I had to switch because my insurance will no longer cover the cost of Oxycontin. My pain was being managed very well with the Oxycontin 80mg. twice a day. The only other pain med besides morphine that they will cover now is Opana.

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