Opana (oxymorphone) And Drug Testing

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Adam Says:
I am sick of never seeing good information online and at how inaccurate most of the stuff was that I came across when desperately searching for answers myself. So, what follows is what I know about Opana drug testing. Everything here is accurate, and learned first hand. It's not vague, and there are no guesses, no assumptions, no generalizations. I know from experience, dude, if ya know what I mean....

Opana (oxymorphone) is detectable in urine anywhere from 48 to 96 hours (2 to 4 days), depending on dosage, length of use, and the person's size and metabolism. The quickest I have personally gotten it below detectability without diluting it is 60 hours. I have tested positive before after 55 hours clean, also.

I know a little bit about opana drug testing because I have been on a drug court program as well as strictly monitored probation and opana is my drug of choice, so naturally through experimentation and testing the limits, I have both passed and failed several tests. My probation department uses Redwood Toxicology Labs (CA) for their testing, and this much I know about Redwood:

A standard issue test from Redwood (can be either a 5 or 8-panel, doesnt matter) does NOT test for opana. This is the test that is given to most people in my county's probation office.

Redwood also has a ten panel test, and something called a P40 test, the latter which can test for virtually any drug out there, including opana. The ten panel includes a strip for oxycodone, which is NOT the same thing as opana, but does not test specifically for opana.

However, a ten panel test HAS come back positive for Oxycodone for me in the past when all I had taken is Opana.

Most of what you can read online says that oxycodone metabolizes into oxymorphone, but not vice versa. So, technically, if you take an Opana, and are tested for oxycodone, you should NOT turn up positive for oxycodone. I am living proof that this can happen, that opana CAN show up as oxycodone, even in a highly accurate test. So if anyone is under the impression that they can get away with using opana if they are only being tested for oxycodone, be advised.

Technically, the only way to test for Oxymorphone through Redwood Toxicology (many, but NOT ALL labs' testing procedures are the same, so i want to stress that this is was the lab used) is to administer a P40 (the test for everything) or to specifically test for oxymorphone as a "write in" (where on a blank line on the sticker that goes on the piss cup, the administer can write in what specific drug to test for. this normally happens when they are looking for a drug that is not tested for on the 5,8, or 10 panel tests, but do not want to bother with the comprehensive P40, which is ridiculously pricey). Its important to note that if being tested for oxymorphone (Opana), then you WILL come back positive for oxycodone (Oxycontin) as well. That is a guarantee.

Your best bet is to drink lots of water in the days leading up to the test, but only about 48 oz the day of, to avoid a dilute (which any legal-type situation will treat like a positive) AND give yourself 80 hours clean.

Good luck.

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Verwon Says:
Thank you for the valuable and informative post, I am sure it will help many in the future.

As to explaining the false positive for Oxycodone, when you were taking Opana, that directly refers to the quality of the test being used.

There are very few agencies that are required to use certified tests, most are free to go with the cheapest bidder and these cheaper tests aren't well known for their accuracy. What frequently happens is that one synthetic, or semi-synthetic drug causes a false positive for another.



Are there any questions or comments?

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ADAM Says:
Does anyone know of any doctors in Toronto, Ohio 43964 that could prescribe me some pain medicine to help with syringomyelia on my spine. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

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David Says:
Hi Adam,

Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Alternatively, you can have your current primary care doctor refer you to a new pain management doctor or clinic.

Please post back if either of these links were able to work out for you. Hope this helps!

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Rich Says:
Can you or anyone else tell me for sure, that Opana won't come up as anything more then oxycodone?
I have to get urine tested soon and I'm allowed to be positive for oxycodone because I'm prescribed 2 10mg a day(oxycodone) and 4 10mg a day hydrocodone, due to my bad back. I just don't want the test to say I had anything else being used. I'm not sure what test the use but the do send it to a lab. I get a federal background check and all that, so I imagine they spend money on a good test.
Anyone with good information could really help me out.

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AnG Says:
via mobile
Since you're incredibly knowledgable about this topic, can you please answer my question; if you've taken oxycodone, can it show up as opana?
I took a drug test at my PM office which resulted in a positive Opana result. I had no idea what it was & I've never heard of opana or the oxymorphone part-I thought they were saying morphine.
I understand that Endo Labs is the manufacturing company of Opana but the brand of oxycodone I had was also from Endo Labs, so I was thinkin they must fall into the same thing but then why would the test be so specific? I mean, it HAS to be quite the panel at a pain doctor right?
I'm so confused! I'd appreciate an answer or idea of what's going on :)

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Th3r3al35t Says:
via mobile
I have taken a opana and it showed up for oxycodone and morphine

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Trixie Says:
via mobile
One Opana?! How close to testing? Thanks

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Teresa Says:
via mobile
Dude, most of what u said about Opana testing is crap. I'm an RN that works in a drug screenib lab. Opana always shows up as oxycodone! For real!!

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Lab tech Says:
via mobile
Drug screens test for a class of drugs. Since Opana is in the family of oxy, that's why you get a positive oxy result.
Most labs do not offer specific testing for drugs. To correctly identify the drug used, gas chromatography would have to be used. Most all labs do not have this kind of equipment. (Which would be more costly)...
That's why you just get a positive result for the class of drug.

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Anonymous Med Tech MTASCP Says:
via mobile
Why would an RN be working in a toxicology lab? You aren't even qualified to run the instruments. These tests are done by ASCP Board Certified (among others) and state licensed Medical Technologists. Not RNs. But good try tho...

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Trish Says:
via mobile
My drug test at the Dr. Office showed up as Oxycodone. They thought I was lying. I take Opana. I left their office and went to CVS and bought a drug testing kit. Quick read showed Oxycodone. I mailed it in and they reported Oxymorphone. I called and spoke to the lab tech who said Oxycodone metabolizes into Oxymorphone and Oxymorphone can metabolize into Oxycodone. He said there is a cross reactivity.

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Atsugai Says:
via mobile
I'm not a professional in the topic but from my understanding drug test looks for the metabolites of the parent drug. That being said a 10 panel drug test looking for oxycodone will detect the the metabolite oxymorphone. If your taking Opana you would test positive for oxycodone. Now for someone smarter than I are there "panel" drug test for oxymorphone? If so what are the cut-off levels and what's to tell the difference between oxymorphone and an extremely high dosage of oxycodone?

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Fighting for my rights Says:
via mobile
Why don't the Drs know how to interpret the test results!? You would think they would make sure before accusing someone of selling drugs and taking drugs illegally when they have been on Opana for 8 years without problems!!

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bob Says:
This is the most in depth paper I have found on OxyCodone to Oxymorphone conversion. Oxycodone is metabolized in part by cytochrome P450 2D6 to oxymorphone which represents less than 15% of the total administered dose. This presents itself in the urine. Most doc's use a 10 or 11 panel test with an Opioid strip, an OXYcodone ONLY strip, a methadone strip and a buprenorphine strip. I have no idea how that one guy tested for oxycodone on oxymorphone. The P450 enzymes only go in one direction. Not to say he's lying, it was probably an error or fluke.


There are so many old wives tales and BS on the internet from people who read one wiki page and then speculate...

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bob Says:
No they are looking for the most plentiful metabolite. Oxycodone is excreted as both Oxycodone without the base and in the HCl salt. So thats why the OXY-ONLY strip doesn't just look for oxymorphone. Drugs have many different metabolites and the test on the bottle wants to look for the highest concentration chemical that DOESN'T share with the other drugs. That one guys post about how labs don't have MS/CG machines because its too expensive is just BS. Creates a lot of bad advice that could cost people their jobs.

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David lee Says:
Was this at dr office or probation I took morphine and wish to say it was opana at dr

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Eve Says:
via mobile
If I took a opana 20 er on Sunday by mouth how long will it take to get it out of my system? I am prescribed percocet 10 & morphine 30 er will the opana show up as the same as the 2 I'm prescribed?

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bob Says:
@David L., "Was this at dr office or probation I took morphine and wish to say it was opana at dr"

If you want some one to answer your question please take the time to use proper English and pronunciation. Or is this a statement? So you took morphine but you want to tell the doctor you took oxymorphone? Why would you do that? Did they give you a drug test? Are you prescribed oxymorphone?

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Tricia Says:
via mobile
I'm being tested for oxymorphone. Can a Dr test you and tell if you have your whole script in your body in a 30 day period?

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Akexander Says:
via mobile
I was touching my mother's meds (opana 20's) and I have to take a drug test in two days. Will it show up in my system from touching the pill?

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