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Female, age 62, T1 with carsinoma insitu. Completed 6 BCG. Yesterday had a scope (clean) and biopsy done. How much Oncovite, if any, should I take?

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Hi Paula,

With regards to taking Oncovite, I think this decision is probably best left up to you and/or your doctor, since it really is just a dietary supplement favored by people with specific oncology concerns. Oncovite is said to deliver a high dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; things already found in a well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

In my honest opinion, it may be more reasonable to just increase your intake of dark leafy greens and fresh organic fruit. This way you're not only getting what Oncovite provides, but also an abundance of enzymes and a more alkaline environment within your body; something that has been proven to kill cancer/tumor cells for many years now. You won't hear this from your doctor though, since fruits and veggies are not "FDA approved" for cancer/tumor treatment lol. That said, I would strongly recommend doing your own research in what ever spare time you might have, if you're interested in learning more about natural ways to cure such conditions.

I hope this advice helps!

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Thanks much. Was also looking at Kangen water machine that gives alkaline water, do you think that might make a difference? I am all new to bladder cancer and need all the advice I can get. My doctor knows nothing about vitamins or foods to help reduce the risk of reoccurance. I want to be proactive so I don't end up with a tumor again. Thanks

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