On 10 Mg Of Methadone And Need To Know Before Surgery Thursday....please Help!

frank Says:

Im Going under anesthesia for Eye Surgery On Thursday And by that time i would have 62 hours clean off of 10mg of methadone and Wanted To Know What would happen if I didn't inform my doctor?

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Verwon Says:

Trust me, tell your doctor. Regardless of the time clean, which will still be very short by the way, there could be some possible issues with certain anesthetics or other medications used before, during and after the surgery.

Don't put your life in danger by being afraid to tell your doctor everything you're taking, it isn't worth the risk.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Why wouldn't you want to let them know that you've been on it?

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Sissy Says:

I take 10mg of method one and have to have a small surgery on my shoulder and dont want to tell anyone. I will only be under for bout 40 minets. How did things go for you?

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Matthew Says:

Dont worry im on 65mls daily and have had 5 ops in 3 years coz motorbike rta doesnt make any difference just dont worry seriously, matt in west london

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Sissy Says:

So i should be okay? Thank you very much. I've been really scared about it. But that makes me feel alot better!

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Advocate Says:

You should have no issue but best to tell them what your on otherwise they will give you opiate based painkillers when you come round to take home which will have no effect upon you, although from experience even when you tell them they do not make arrangements for you to get anything different!
Just be careful they are giving you no opiate antagonist like subutex which is very unlikely as would bring on instant withdrawal symptoms, certain synthetic opioids can react in this way to opiates but Anesthetics are totally different thing but u never know what they will give u which is why it's a good idea to tell them, if your too worried just ask them what they are giving you before hand.

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mike Says:

Please help!! Everything will be OK during surgery on methadone . It's not long
Nothing will go wrong in surgery .just would have to tell the doctor after If I'm in pain ..???

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Cyndi Says:

10 mils? Is that all? Dont worry about it. 10 is very low. Stay calm. You will be ok!

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pj Says:

I have been though numerous surgeries. Always be up front with the doctor's team. I am always earnest on what i take. In April i had major surgery and again in November on the 27th. I'm on suboxone 8mg two time's daily. My suboxone doctor had me stop the suboxone and for two month's put me on Oxycodone 60mg and when i felt better i went right back on suboxone. I can say this, it's not helping my chronic pain any longer. Now I'm looking for a doctor in Providence Cranston area, Warwick area, Johnston Rhode Island. Is there anyone who can help me? Back to your question, be earnest. It may interact with your medication. It's the best way to do things. Good luck.

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