Okacet Cold Side Effects

kavitha Says:

age 22,h-5.3, w-56kg........ i have allergy from past 10 year, m daily taking okacet tablets........ is there any side effect from this tablets.... and what is the permanent solution for this allergy..............

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Verwon Says:

All medications carry the risk of side effects.

Okacet Cold contains the active ingredient Cetirizine, Paracetamol and Phenylpropanolamine, it is used to treat cold and allergy symptoms.

Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and stomach irritation.




As to a permanent solution, there is no real cure for allergies. Though, sometimes, an immunologist can use shots to help lessen your sensitivity to the relevant allergens.

Have you seen a doctor to be tested and find out what you are allergic to?

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kavitha Says:

i have seen a doctor, he given tablets after completion of that tablet once again allergy start... if i eat butter i cont control my allergy.
when i was matured that time allergy start still it continuing............... and i have small percent blood allergy PLZ....................... tel me the permanent solution for this. are can u suggest me which tablet i have to take daily...

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Rekha Thangaraj Says:

is there any side effects for the Okacet - RX-Cetioizine tablet. Kindly send reply

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Mr chandra Says:

I think there is no peramanent solution for any kinda allergy , any allergy is basically because of less immunity of an individual body ,so u should rather try n increase ur immune system if posible or u have to avoid and keep ur allergy under control.

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Dhaval Says:

Dear kavitha,

You should be away from things that are allergen to your body..and try to consult ayurvedic doctor also..
bcoz it will be better to have ayurvedic therapy and yoga to boost up your immune system..

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jagdish Says:

Age 27 Height 5.6 inch I have alergy from fast four years, i am regularly taking okacet tablet is there any side effect from this tablets......and what is the permanent solution for this alergy pls tell me permanent solutions

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balu Says:

hello please i to need some answers regarding frequenlty use of okacet tablet(cipla). am suffering with severe allerge,.

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vinayak Says:

I have taken 1 okaset tab. for cold but headache problem increasing more.removing cold problem but body weakness observed by taking this tables.age is 55running.

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Mydoctor Says:

Allergy is not because of less immune power.Its because of extra ordinary unwanted immune response .You should know what are the substances which you are allergic to(by experience only or you can take an allergy test offered in a few hospitals)You should keep away from the allergens to the best possible extent.However the best way is to get used to the allergens so that they become no more allergic to you.

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Reddy Says:

iam 40 year old and recently started to take okacet tablet morn and evening .after this i am not suffering from cold but problem is if i stop taking table with in one hour once again sneez will start so..wt is the solution for this..

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Sureshkumar Says:

Hi All, First of all u need to understand that, okacet tablet is not curing anything here. It just controls our bodie's reaction to allergy. I too had allergy like, morning sneez. My allergy completely gone. Yes 100% gone. I too had okacet tablet for my allergy initially. When I stop the tablet again allergy will come.

Solution: 1. If u want to really get rid of allergy, first thing u need to do is, STOP TAKING TABLET.
2. Let your body decide on its activities.
3. Don't drink water(more water) while eating, before 30min to eat and after 30min to eat. If u really need water take very less.
4. while chewing the food close your mouth completely and chew it properly. Mix ur food with salaiva.
5. Take more fruits (non hybrid)
6. Don't close the window and sleep. I bet most of the people here are closing their room window and sleeping.
7. Take pepper in ur food. pepper has excellent property to remove toxin from body.
8. Avoid Junk foods.

finally, Our body NEVER MAKES MISTAKE. We get problem only because of our food.

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anju Says:

I have also this allergy problems for past one year. I take okacet tablets. After sometimes my body is getting tired record in sleep please say, is this a problem ?

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siddhant Says:

I m 20 yrs old . and I m taking okacet . from 2 yrs. Coz of my allergy. Problem . so do u have a soln or smethng

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Punith Says:

Hi ,

Have you got any solution for this problem, I am suffering same from past 5 years .
let me know , if you got any solution .

Regards : Punith Kumar

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Dayanand G Says:

I have been taking Okacet Tablet every day since 2 years, as I get swelling due to allergy if I stop taking the tablet. Is it fine to take Okacet every day?

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