Occipital Neuralgia

J Says:

I've been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia around 6 yrs ago. I go to a Neurologist and get trigger point shots and Botox , I see a interventional pain Dr who has done shots in my neck to help with my neck pain. I'm in pain 24/7 not necessarily my neck but my head hurts constantly it only stops completely when the numbing med from the shots kicks in but that goes away in a hour or so, I need to find a pain Dr who will give me pain meds to help ease off the constant headache it's so hard to go day by day on Norco 7 once a day, this constant headache/migraine is taking over my life I've become so withdrawan because I'm hurting so much and the nosiness and loud crowds hurt , please help I'm in North East Ga.