Occasional Anxiety Flare-up When Taking Hydroxyzine

Mike Says:

Hello, I have taken Hydroxyzine for about a year now. I have found that it works better if I take it at night before bed. I take it for anxiety.
I take it at night because it helps me feel more even through out the day. At first I took it only during flare-ups but it was like a roller coaster. Now, occasionally, about one time every 6 weeks, I get an anxiety Flare-up where I have to take an additional dose in the mid morning to settle it down. Is this normal ? What does this mean ? I am 46. Healthy, and some depression kicks in once in a while, I sleep very well and have no other issues. Definitely feel like a mid life crisis. I had to cut out caffeine and alcohol consumption completely and exercise helps. Will I have anxiety forever ? Is Hydroxyzine damaging to my body ? Thank You

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mike! How are you?

It can be normal to have occasional times where your anxiety gets worse, while it can help, the medication doesn't actually fix it all, so to speak, according to the NIH. Taking your regular dose at night is also a good idea, because this medication can cause a lot of drowsiness and sedation, as side effects.

As to whether or not you will always suffer from anxiety, there is really no way to say. Our bodies change as we age and everyone is different.

There are possible risks associated with taking any medication, such as liver or kidney damage, but your doctor should be keeping an eye on you to make sure you know whether or not it is safe for you to continue taking it.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Mike Says:

Thank you so much for the reply.
Since I have been taking 25 mg every night before bed, the flare ups have stopped. In fact , about once a week, I can skip a dose and it does not affect me. I have never had a problem sleeping at night. It just happens to be the best time to take the medication for me. It does not make me drowzey during the day iether. Thank you again.

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