Oblong Peach Colored Pill Imprinted With P

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Peach colored tablet about 1/2 long and 1/4 wide and 1/8 thick with and underlined capital P imprint on it along its length.


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dlvingdeagirl Says:

i found a pill laying around the house with a captal P on one side and its paechy in coor what could this be

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Beth Says:

What I found is pretty close to your description except that on each side of the score there is a b stamped.

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Roy Says:

Based on what is being described here, it sounds like it is most likely a Prilosec OTC (an over the counter antacid). You can view an image of it here. Hope this helps!

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Jim Says:

peach color pill oval with a cut in the middle believe to be a pill for ed, candian ot dr prescript U.S.

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