Obgyn Ran Tests Today On Liver Function. Ugh Stressed.

Amberley Says:

Hi all! I went to the Obgyn today and she sent my blood work off for routine testing which includes my liver levels. I am prescribed this medication, Norco 7.5/325 for degenerative disc disease. I do drink alcohol about 2-3x/week average of 8-10 units/week but always the day before or the day after taking norco. I have never drank alcohol and taken norco on the same day and I always wait close to 24 hours between last drink & dose or vice versa. I freak out about my liver a lot but my neck is in so much pain I try to forget about it. Now the gynecologist sent off these tests and I'm going to have to face the music, although I'm really not ready to. I have been taking Norco regularly (i.e. on the days that I don't drink) since 9/2013 so about 10 months. I usually take 2/day so that is about 650mg of tylenol/day except for the days I drink of course, then I ingest no tylenol. I am a 23 y/o female with no history of liver disease or liver disease in my family. Had my LFTs done about 9 months ago (Sept 2013) and they were totally normal. Totally panicked, cannot think, too stressed about these tests. Please help <3, Amberley

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kim Says:

Norco's have 10 mgs.& 325 mgs. Of acetaminophen. If your alt.is good they claim 4 grams per day is ok. My fatty liver procludes no more than 2 grams of the prostaglandin APAP. ALTHOUGH if you can afford it, one may compound 15 mgs. Of hydrocodone and 200mgs of APAP. Unfortunately, acetaminophens hepatic damage is cumulative.

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David Says:


If you're concerned about the health of your liver, you can always ask your doctor about trying Zohydro ER as opposed to Norco.

Zohydro is simply an extended release version of hydrocodone, without the acetaminophen. Maybe he can prescribe a trial amount just to see how it works for you, if that's something you're interested in.

I would also encourage you to look into various herbal remedies (i.e. milk thistle) known for their beneficial effects on the liver. The University of Maryland actually has a nice article on milk thistle discussing how it can help protect and repair the liver from toxins (such as acetaminophen).

You can read more on that here: umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/milk-thistle

I hope this helps!

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