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taking 500mg of Nuvigil

An addiction built up in me at a prescribed dose of 500Mg, My body developed a need for more than this 500mg at this point. lots of ups and downs. can barely function or work. I need it cause otherwise I will fall asleep driving during the daytime, and staying awake in general during the day. i have Obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia. If you have to take this drug do not take more than the recommended dose of 250 Mg. Otherwise eventually you will be sorry you did, like me. It sucks. ## I'm sorry to hear that, and I know this post is 5 months old, but I hope you're doing better.. Peace ## I started taking Nuvigil for treatment resistant depression 2 years ago - saved my life. Have been taking 3 of 250mg tablets for almost 2 years with excellent results and no side effects. Curr...

Nuvigil for treatment resistant depression

Nuvigil (armodafinil) saved my life. I've had treatment resistant major depression for over 20 years. Tried so many anti-depressants - most don't help, or only work temporarily. Side effects of others are intolerable. Numerous rounds of ECT haven't fixed the problem. I even tried TMS, which is not covered by insurance - didn't work. A year ago my doctor prescribed Nuvigil and it's given me my life back. Not enough hours in the day to do all the things I actually enjoy. Also able to feel contentment and peace of mind. Unfortunately, I've had to continuously increase the amount to keep it working and now I'm at a very high dose and my doctor won't let me go any higher. I can't find anyone else in the medical field aware of what Nuvigil can do for my typ...

Nuvigil dependence

Does anyone else suffer from Nuvigil addiction? I suffer from depression and my Dr put me on this in 2012. I was fine and didn't abuse it for several years, but for the past 2 years I have. It is a schedule IV drug and most people have never heard of addiction to it. It gives me dopamine. ## Hello MB20628, According to the FDA it is known that Nuvigil is addictive and is fairly commonly seen in people who use the drug for longer than 3 months. What kind of information are you looking to get on the withdrawal symptoms of this drug? Are there any in particular that you are experiencing strongly? ## I need to get help with this problem. I just don't have confindence in rehab facilities because I think it is just me. Everybody else seems to handle it fine.

Getting prescribed Nuvigil or Provigil

Ive been working over night for a year now and I am in serious need of nuvigil or provigil. I am having trouble getting a hold of this medication. My doctor said he didnt believe in the drug so I no longer see him cuz I have a prroblem and he wouldnt help it. What type of physician should I talk to that knows about this stuff cuz mydoctor had no clue what he was talking about. ## Armodafinil is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy (a condition that causes excessive daytime sleepiness). Based on the description of this medication, I can see why your doctor doesn't believe in it. The underlying cause of the narcolepsy (sleepiness) is what really matters here, and not just treating the symptoms of it. I guess you have to ask yourself if there's really any aspects...

nuvigil side effects

I'm having severe side effects from nuvigil. Muscle and joint pain with numbness and tingling down my arms. ## Nuvigil contains the active ingredient Armodafinil, it is a stimulant. What you are experiencing IS NOT listed as a normal side effect, you should call your doctor immediately, as this may be a serious condition in need of treatment. You can learn more about this medication here: Nuvigil Click Here Are there any other questions? ## I took my first Nuvigil pill this morning around 6:30 am. I wigged out so bad like I was on speed. I don't recall the drive into work, shaking/tremors, confusion and everything is kind of dark. Vision is not blurry just seems darkened. Kinda scary. Called my doctor, spoke to a nurse, waiting on a call back. It seems to be calming down a bit, ...

Generic nuvigil

I have been put on the generic nuvigil (armodaginil) 200 mg. I had started a new medicine about the same time and was having side affects of lipitor. I had swelling, sore joints, headaches, just felt awful. I went off lipitoror right away and about 3 weeks later I still feel awful. Has anybody that got put on the generic nuvigil have problems waking up or functioning at all. I'm very forgetful and just want to sleep all day. Doctors/pharmacy said Iit is exactly the same. I dont understand why since I got switched to generic it doesn't seem to work. I'm going crazy thinking this is all in my head. ## Which generic brand did the pharmacy give you? I'll bet anything your reaction is due to that. Even if the dose of medication is the same fillers/etc can influence how your b...


white oval pill with 225 on one side little unknown pic on other ## what it it? ## A tablet with a C in a partial square and 225 on the other side is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals and they list it as being a 250mg Nuvigil tablet, which is most commonly used to treat conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. NDC code: 00093-3094 The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, irritability, anorexia, and mood changes. Though they may vary depending on the manufacturing facility, inactive ingredients may include: croscarmellose sodium lactose monohydrate magnesium stearate microcrystalline cellulose corn starch povidone Is there anything I can help with?

Nuvigil Experience

Taking Nuvigil 150 mg for 2 days, feeling awesome as compared to before -awake and productive all day. I still yawn like I'm tired all day but stay awake. Also i cant stop swallowing and drinking water like constantly. Headaches. The main thing is im a chronic pain patient and i dont even want or need my pain meds until it wears off!! Anyone else have a similar experience? ## Yes. I have general chronic muscle pain. Nuvigil reduces that pain.

having to take 750mgs of nuvigil to stay awake?

My doctor prescribed Provigil about 2 years ago then after my sleep study he put me on Nuvigil and wearing CPAP at night. In the past 6 months I have had problems with daytime sleepiness. Had another sleep study and blood work and found that testosterone level was 208. 3 months of testoterone injections and now I still have to take three 250mg nuvugil to make it through the day. Is there anything else to try and fix this mess? ## Is your doctor aware that you are taking that many of them each day? The maximum daily dose of Nuvigil is not supposed to exceed 250mgs. Exactly what was found in your sleep studies? That may better enable someone to provide you with more information. ## I did tell him about taking 500mg doses per day. He said that he couldn't/wouldn't tell me that it w...

About to wean off Nuvigil

I'll try to be detailed but I just started weaning off Nuvigil so I am very unclear. I became very dependent on this medication and I just need to face the fact that there is no other option. I'm very scared of withdrawing so I thought I would post. ## Hi Tracy, Sorry to hear about your situation. Have you considered talking with your doctor about setting up some sort of tapering schedule that you can adhere to in order to come off safely? I only mention this because, given your description, that's probably what I would do first and foremost if it were me in such a predicament. Feedback in other related threads here have discussed how the withdrawal effects of Nuvigil typically involved symptoms similar to a rebound crash, causing profound tiredness, an inability to concentr...


I take armodafinil 300mg 1st thing, and 250mg 8h later. It's for excessive daytime sleepiness. It's successful in stimulating me mentally - I now have full days instead of half days, like normal people. My body's still tired, though, often feeling worn out and ready for bed. Is this normal for some people? Ideally, I don't want to take a smart drug to stimulate me physically as well. The other thing is that it sometimes makes me anxious - but I do need this dose. I have access to Diazepam, green tea (containing theanine) and alcohol - what's the best answer? Is it correct that Diazepam undoes the effect of the armodafinil, the opposite if you like? Does green tea contain enough theanine? I'd rather avoid alcohol, if I can.

Fentanyl and Nuvigil

Can a patient who's already been on the 37 mcg patch of Fentanyl also take a 150 mg or 75 mg Nuvigil and still be ok? ## Has they both been prescribed for the patient in question? The FDA does warn that both of these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and taking them both could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and drowsiness.

What Happens If You Abuse Nuvigil

I started to abuse nuvigil and when I tried to stop I had bad symptoms. I felt lethargic, anxious, depressed, very tired (slept for over 20 hours on dayone of stopping) does anyone else have this problem. I am now 8 days clean but I still feel depressed, anxious and irritable. Please let me know if you have had the same issues . How long will it take for the nuvigil to stop "bothering" my mind and body. I am really appreciaive toanyone willing to be honest with me about this situation. I am an addict in general in many areas of my life , so I thought more is better. i was taking over 1000 mgs a day some days, other days, perhapps 750 mgs. ## @Joey, As far as side effects go, there's actually another thread on here with over 150 responses, pertaining to this medication. I wen...

Increased libido on Nuvigil

I have just been diagnosed with narcolepsy and have been taking Nuvigil for five days and now all I can think about is sex, all day, all night. I have tried taking care of myself but still never feel satiated. This is very unusual for me, I am usually way too tired to bother with sex with my husband but he is all I think about now. I kinda like this feeling but it's a bit over the top. Anyone else get this kind of side effect and did it eventually go away? ## Hello- I have just been prescribed nuvigil and my sex drive is already elevated compared to my wife. I am sorry i know this doesnt answer your question. I just was wondering since you have posted this question if your drive has subsided or stayed the same, etc? I been reading everything i can about this drug. I been given it fo...

Nuvigil Crash and effects

I have been taking Nuvigil for a week to treat shift work sleep disorder. The first two times didnt have a huge effect on me but the third did and it was awesome. I stayed awake i was very productive and i experienced mental clarity beyond explaination. However, it only lasted about 4 1/2 hours before i felt the crash. The crash caused me sever anxiety, a killer migraine(i am prone to them already), a racing heart and pain in my chest and fatigue both mentally and physically. I get an overwhelming rush of depression, extreme memory losd, and a feeling that im forgetting something that i can not shake. I get extremely dehydrated which im determining to be the cause of the migraine. I cant sleep through the crash and when i finally can, i feel as though i were awakr the whole time. I dont...

Nuvigil Doses

can anybody tell me if they are prescribed more than 250mg per day for nuvigil..... I take a 250 mg tablet at 8 a.m. and feel like I need another by 2:00 in the day does not end until around 8:oopm ---I gotta be alert, alive and active till then. I was taking Dexedrine for this "breakthrough" period, but that can not be had anywhere!'s missing on the market, nobody (pharmacies) can get it anymore. Nuvigil has been a miracle med for me, as many of my other psych meds cause extreme fatigue, pdoc prescribed this.....miraculous, not to mention helping me lift out of a two year depression....between this med (nuvigil) and Latuda---my life has finally changed....just trying to work out the kinks. Thank you for taking the time to read....I appreciate any feed...

Nuvigil 15 panel test

Does Nuvigil show up on a 15 panel test or do they have to test for it specifically? ## Will Nuvigil 225 show up on urine 15 panel drug screen test? ## I've been taking about 250 milligrams of Nuvigil a day for about 2 weeks. Will it be out of my system before Wednesday morning? ## I have mouth swabs randomly for a third shift job. Got hit with one last night... I have been taking my boyfriend's nuvigil to help me stay awake. Will it show up as a false positive for anything? Do I need to start looking for another job?? Please help urgently. ## Will nuvigil show up on a probation related drug screen?

Nuvigil Help / Severe opiate Addict

I am fresh off a 3 year opiate ride and to be quite honest I am the most weak and tired than I have ever been. The anxiety is killing me. All I want is a couple roxy and some morphine 60's. Before today I was up to about 12 roxy 30's and 10 morph 60's. I am quitting cold turkey and also quiting for the first time. I've heard this will absolutely not work and I will be a junkie again within a day. My friend gave me a handful of xanax, Nuvigil, and Naproxin. If any of you have experiences similar to mine please let me know if I can beat this with what I've been given for help being: Xan, Nuvigil, and Naproxin? I really dont want this life anymore. Everything I get asked to do like go to the movies, go out of state, or just hang for a couple hours all depends on whether...


I just cannot deal with this anymore. I need a minimum of two, 250 mg Nuvigil pills a day to stay awake, and go from my chronic depression, to being able to feel normal. The first year I took it I was fine. That was 2010. Since then, I get a script with 5 refills, but since I take two, sometimes three, I run out early. The first two days I sleep straight. Obviously my body can't take the overuse. Anything over 10 minutes normally, I fall into bed exhausted. Then I go into this period of severe unbearable depression. I know because I have been clinically depressed 5 times since 1992. This is much worse, trust me. This whole process takes 6 to 7 days. When this week period ends, I go back to the beginning where I have NO WILL TO LIVE. I have thought many times of taking my life but I ...

does anyone know which is stronger: wakealert or art vigil

Both drugs are supposed to be generics of nuvigil. However there is a cost difference, so before I make a decision I would like to know which one is stronger. If anyone knows, a prompt reply would be greatly appreciated ## @d swapp, This answer is probably going to be very subjective since everyone reacts and responds differently to each medication. However, I have stumbled upon a couple reviews suggesting that even though Artvigil "works", Waklert is thought to be better due to it containing less binders/fillers than Artvigil. I've yet to verify this for myself... although from what I understand, certain inert ingredients may actually hinder the absorption of some medications; potentially making it 'kick-in' at a slower rate as well. This is just my theory from expe...


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