Nuvigil Side Effects Extreme Neck Spine Back Pain
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Mary Says:

I started nuvigil 1/4 of 150mg tablet or 37mg in the morning. The first two weeks were great , it was like my mind was awake(but I my body still felt tired-CFS/ME) then the muscles in the back of my neck near my spine started to feel extreme muscle pain, then the neck pain grew to pain along my entire spine , from my neck along my spine to my low back, 8 out of 10 pain and stiffness along this area, then by the next week, the pain and stiffness was across my entire back , top to bottom and spread out to the sides of my spine. I am stopping Nuvigil today as I have linked my back pain , spine muscle pain, and neck pain to Nuvigil , and I only took 1/8 of a 150 mg tablet today, or 18 mg today . I am in so much pain 9 out of 10 in muscle and stiffness neck and back pain .

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Donna Says:

My back pain, which is already severe due my disorders was exasperated to the point of causing me absolute delirium. I have try provigil and now nuvigil (which is apparently the same if not very similar). Is there any medication out there for a person like me that you may know of?
Thank you very much.

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Donna Says:

Thank you so very much for sharing this information. I have severe spine disorders (yes plural) yet I want to keep working as long as possible. The meds I take for my back don't make me "high" they just dull the pain. Unfortunately they cause sleep disorders. Sleepy during the day awake at night, which is caused also from the amount of pain. But I was having I guess what they call micro sleep at work which is really, really bad. I started on nuvigil and I have had to call in sick (something as a disabled worker I strive not to do) for the last three days. I typically don't cry from pain because I've learned to accept the pain as part of who I am. Crying does no good anyway. However since taking this drug I can't stop crying from the increase in pain. It's just so overwhelming. When the doc says "on a scale of Zero to 10", I'm at about 15! Normal people I guess would have headed for the nearest ER. On top of that, my disease and damage is in my lumbar spine but all of a sudden my cervical spine pain is so bad I can't even touch it. Now I know I what the cause is. All of you that posted about the increase or new back pain have quite possibly saved my job. I was ready to give up instead of continue to try to be a productive citizen rather than collect disability. I cannot thank you enough. One request, can anyone suggest another medication that can provide the help I need that doesn't make it impossible to be a human being!! I'm open the your suggestions. The meds I have are going to be disposed of immediately!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mary! How are you?

Pain is listed by the FDA as a possible side effect of this medication, along with insomnia, dyspnea, rash and palpitations.

Have you consulted your doctor? You may need to switch to a different medication.

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