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Nucynta Effects

Hi there, I am currently taking oxys for my chronic pain, which work very well for me, but my dr has just given me a script for nucynta which is a fairly new drug. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these and if they can give me any info regarding the effects, if any, side effects etc compared to oxys? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance for ur time ## I haven't used it, but I can provide you with some basic information on it. Nucynta contains the active ingredient Tapentadol, which is a centrally acting analgesic. It is related to opiates, so the side effects it can cause are very similar and may include: nausea, dizziness, constipation and dry mouth. Learn more: Is there any one that has used this and can provide more information? ## I've been u...

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i tested positive for methamphetamine and don't drink or use drugs

I tested for my work and tested positive for methamphetamine and dont drink or use drugs. I know what i have put in my body: nyquil and vitamins, monster drink, tea & coffee. There is no way i am using drugs. What can i do? ## I TAKE 100MG. NUCYNTA. HOW LONG DOES IT STAY IN YOUR URINE? ## There's not a chance methamphetamine would be in your system without you already knowing why. Prob why nobody else bothered replying. Not a chance. That is the same as my husband finding out 2mrw that he's pregnant! Unless he's really a woman transy well same goes for finding methamphetamine in what you claim is the perfect healthy body! Good luck with finding a single person swallowing your back story. Not trying to upset you. For real. But if you're on here seeking real advice. I...

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Nucynta ER - dosing times for best effectiveness

What are the best times to take Nucynta ER? I take it in the morning but it wears off in the afternoon and I don't feel well. ## There are really no best times to take it, it depends on what works for you. If it's wearing off fast, you may need a dosage adjustment, or you might need to try a different medication. The FDA warns that Nucynta carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Is this the only medication you are currently taking? ## Nucynta is a time released pill so this is why it doesn't work well. nowadays with the war on opiates chances are you won't be giving a narcotic that works well for pain it's very sad for people like me who suffer daily with chronic pain thanks...

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Extreme joint pain throughout

I have severe joint pain throughout my body. It has been extremely severe these past few months. Unable to drive on bad days. Barely able to walk. Milder attacks allow me to drive and walk w/ a cane due to herniated and broken lower disks. My PM doc has put me on 200mg Nucynta ER 2x daily and 100 mg Nucynta for break through pain. Most recently they put me on 30mg Morphine ER which did not seem any better than Nucynta. Does anyone have any idea why every joint in my body would become so painful as to immobilize me? On bad attacks the Nucynta 200mg ER, 100mg for break through pain and 150mg Lyrica barely make a dent in the pain. Besides weight gain, I now have diabetes as I have been taking Nucynta, Lyrica for over 6 years but the 200mg ER was recently added and I was removed from the Nu...

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Nucynta - discontinued

Has Nucynta been discontinued? ## I'm sorry, what thing are you looking for? I am not finding any information, at this time, that Nucynta, which contains the active ingredient Tapentadol, that is used to treat pain, has been discontinued. However, if it was a very recent action, it may not be added to the FDA databases, yet. Do you have a source for this information? ## Walgreens has stated Nucynta has been discontinued as of 9/14/2017. Could not fill my prescription. ## my walgreens told me it is discontinued also. sept 22 ## My mother has been taking nucynta for years. It's the only drug she doesn't have a reaction to. Her pharmacy has said it was a manufacturing problem and they would have it in a few weeks. Doesn't help right now as a believe she is having withdrawal...

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Why Would My Drug Screen Be Negative For Nucynta When Ive Been On The Medication Years

Why did my drug screen at the dr office come back negative for Nucynta 100mg (4x's a day) when i've been on this medication for about 4 years? The looked at me like I was a drug dealer when in fact I take my medicine every single day of my life. ## Do they do a special tic screen for that b/c it wouldn't show up on a normal one. Did you run out of meds early-b/c since its related to ultram, I bet it doesn't stay in your system long but you would think it would be built up after taking it do long.. I know I've not been helpful, sorry. Maybe you can google for answers. ## I was prescribed Nucynta 75 MG 4 times per day for pain. Over a week ago I took a short trip and lost about 2 weeks' worth of meds. I have an appt. with my pain management nurse on Mon. 4/1 (in 3 ...

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Nucynta Drug Testing

My husband takes Nucynta for chronic back pain...he can't get through a day wlo taking 3-4. When he went to his pain mgnt dr yesterday, his drug test came back clean and b/c he is a long-time patient, they him enough to get thru a week but that was it. I see this man take these pills with my own eyes so I'm 120% sure he takes them. It also didn't show his sleep aid (trazadone) or his anti-anxiety (Clanozepin) - not sure of spelling. How could it be that he takes all these pills religiously but absolutely nothing is showing up? ## The Trazodone isn't something tested for on these tests, so it wouldn't be on them, at all. However, the Nucynta and Clonazepam should be, but what may have occurred is just that his levels registered too low, which would be treated just lik...

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nucynta not available

I’ve been using Nucynta ER for several years and doing well with it. My doctor’s office informed me it might become unavailable because of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, which is where it is manufactured. When I went to refill at the end of January, sure enough, Not Available. How long before it will be available again, and how can I get on a list to be notified of availability? ## In order to find out about current product availability, my thoughts are to get in touch with the manufacturer directly and/or the local pharmacy that generally fills your prescriptions. Do you happen to know who the manufacturer of your previously filled Rx of Nucynta ER is? Most manufacturers have a website with their contact information easily accessible, so this is what I would recommend first...

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nucynta, side effects

I was just prescribed nucynta after being on percocet for over 3 years. Im very nervous about taking the first dose after reading the side effects. I work in the public eye and do ALOT of face to face contact and am nervous about not being able to think straight or put out a coherent thought. Should i be concerned about this side effect as much as i am. ## Hello, Tinkerbell! How are you? If you are already opiate tolerant, you likely won't have as much of a problem with it as someone that hasn't taken them before. However, the only way to find out how it will affect you is by trying it. Is there a chance that you could start it on a day off, when you won't have to worry about it, so much? The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potenti...

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Nucynta and Lortab 9 hours later?

I recently was switched from Lortab to Nucynta 75 for migraines to trial it out. I took a Nucynta at 9am and am wondering if I can take Lortab 10mg at 5pm? ## Did your doctor tell you take it, as well? If not, and you were actually switched, you should not do so. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

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cincinnati pain clinic

Hi, all, I just moved to Covington, KY from. Brooklyn, NY. I am taking Nucynta ER 150 mg/3 x a day, lyrica, celexa, Xanax 2 mg/3 x a day and a muscle relaxant. The main issues are the Nucynta and Xanax. I have had doctor after doctor laugh in my face when asking for this prescription. I started Xanax five years ago and Nucynta about a year ago. No one wants to prescribe Nucynta, either. I have tried Vicodin, oxy--everything. But finally found that Nucynta (a drug I paid $1500 for WITH insurance in NY) works for me. (I am a full time children's book author who spends 12 hours a day on the computer.) I am not an addict and will willingly comply to all drug panels. Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in or near Cincinnati as well as a pain management doctor or clinic? Thank you, all, i...

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nucynta drug test does it come up as opiods

I am on ms contin. I was give a nucynta because I feel and was in a lot of pain. Will it show up differently on my drug test or will it be just an opioid. ## I need this question answered also. Preemployment test. Don't need them thinking I take 2 different meds because of recent change to Nucynta from Oct co done HCl.

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nucynta / oxycodone urine test

I take nucynta but took one oxycodone. Are they the same in a urine test? ## NO NUCYNTA AND OXYCODONE COME UP AS THE SAME BECAUSE NOW THEY BREAK DOWN TO EXACTLY WHATS IN YOUR SYSTEM, I WAS IN PAIN MNGMNT FOR YRS SO I KNOW THAT MUCH ANYWAY ## veganon 1 (# 1) - So its OK to take the Nucynta? My pain mgmt doc won't see that I took something else. ## veganon 1 (# 1) - so you're saying its OK to take the Nucynta too that it will show up as oxycodone? Hurting and the oxycodone isn't touching it but can't lose long term treatment.

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Nucynta Drug Test

How long do Nucynta stay in your blood stream, not your urine? Thank you ## If Nucynta is an opioid and Morphine is an opioid would they show up any different on a drug test? If they are different tell me how they tell? ## Does nucynta show up the same as morphine (ms contin) in a drug test? ## I went to my Dr this morning and he said that Nucynta showed up in my drug screen. There's only one huge problem, I didn't take it. Nor have ever heard of it.

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Om 50 Yellow Pill

please be extremely careful with this medication. I took two last night approx an hour apart and about 2 hours later I had to go to the hospital for severe depressed breathing among other things. ## Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing the warning on this pill. I know every drug can effect each person differently, but this really sounds like it's not for anyone. I located the round yellow pill in description to be Nucynta tapentadol (50 mg). Tapentadol is a centrally acting analgesic; it has both opiod and non-opiod activities. This drug does have a high potential for abuse (although, I'm not sure who would want to abuse it after reading your post). It's good to hear that you made it out ok though! That must've been a huge scare. A lot of these pain medications can have the worst...

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Nucynta and issues

Has anyone had a problem with nucynta making them sick. I've tried 3 different times now to start taking this medication and each time within 3 to 5 days I end up with upset stomach verging on vomiting, diarrhea, not able to think straight. I don't know if I've been truly sick over 3 times in a month or if this is a reaction to the medication. And it's not helping my pain. Any info would be great. Thanks ## Those can be side effects of this medication, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience anxiety, constipation and heart burn. Most side effects, however, are transient and tend to go away with time, once your body gets used to the medication. But, if it isn't helping your pain, you may want to inform your doctor and see if you can try something else. Is ther...

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Nucynta is trash

Nucynta is the worst pain medication I was ever prescribed. Totally useless, and I was pounded with some of the worst side effects. Those pills made me sweat to death, and not just a little sweat, it was a downpour, and with that the most sickening feeling that I could compare to low blood sugar. They did nothing for my chronic pain. I compare them to Tramadol, useless. Question: how can you flunk a drug panel when you are prescribed this medication? That makes no sense.

Va Disabled No Health Insurance Does The Manufacturer Of Nucynta Offer Any Aid

My brother in law is living on about $500 a month, as a disabled vet. I am a social worker, partnering with an MD. My partner prescribed him meds, but he can't pay the pharmacy. Some companies have an indigent policy, does this one? ## Yes, there are actually two programs that help with Nucynta for those that don't have insurance. One is through Johnson & Johnson, you can reach them for program details and an application at 800-652-6227. And the other is through Together RX Access and they can be reached at 800-444-4106. Learn more Nucynta details here. Can you let me know if either one helps? ## Vernon, Thank you. I will get back to you tomorrow. Sincerely, Barry ## My brother, you better run from that drug Nucynta. You sound like one of those who honestly need pain medicat...

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What Will Show Up As Opiates In A Drug Test

If you take Nucynta on a daily basis, will it show up positive for Opiates in a Urine Drug Screen Dipstick ## on a pre-employment urine test would opt the code on and heroin show up as the same thing as opiates or would they be able to distinguish the two of them ## i put on a fentanyl 50mcg/hr bout 8 oclock tonight and was wondering if itll show up as oxy or a opiate? cuz i have to take a probation drug test their random and i could be called tomorrow need to know if itll show up as oxy? ## Will a Mylan Fentanyl Patch show up any 6 monacetylmorphine if I give a urine drug test and if so, for how long after will it still show in my system ## It won't show as anything. There's a totally different test for people on Fentanyl. Norfentanyl. Nothing will show up on a regular opiate t...

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pdr narcotics

I suffer from chronic pain/neuropathy. I am medically disabled due to the neuropathy and chronic pain. Currently I am taking A total of 400 mg of Nucynta ER daily and a total of 200 mg of the center I are daily. Initially I was taking 200 mg ER in the morning 200 mg at night and 50 mg of IR in the morning and 50 at night. However, after several months, I found out that my pain was more controlled by taking 400 mg of your center in the morning and 100 mg of BIR in the morning also for total of 500 mg this work much better for me and my pain generally was controlled from 8 to 12 hours depending on activity and other issues The problem is that after about 6 PM every evening I am in severe pain again with no medications left . After checking the physicians desk reference PDR, I found out th...

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