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Nucynta ER useless

I am a doctor who treats and "enjoys" a chronic pain problem. My PCP suggested nucynta. We tried it for several months, and I tried it on some of my patients. From my experience in both realms I feel confident in stating that nucynta ER is complete crap! It neither helped me, nor anyone I prescribed it for. I am quite sure that tha pharmaceutical company, however, is pleased with the profits. ## Hello, Tbone! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you and your patients had with the Nucynta. It seems to have worked well for some, but to be quite honest, I've read many more complaints about it. Did you report the issues to the FDA? ## Yes, Nuycenta ER is a useless pain medication. I have been using a pain management clinic for over 10 years. I've been on fentany...

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From OxyContin 40mg 3x day to Nucynta ER 200mg 2x day

I've been on the OxyContin 40mg 1 tab 3x day for about 15 yrs. 3 years ago my insurance took it off their Formulary list. 1st Year my doctor got the insurance to approve it. Last year I was put on the Opana which made me sick, throwing up every time I took it. The insurance approved me again to the OxyContin. This year it was denied so I am on the Nucynta ER 200mg 2x's a day. I have had 2 Cervical Fusions leaving me with a plate & 15 screws in my neck. I've had a Reverse Right Shoulder Replacement. I have also had 14 Lumbar Surgeries. I know they put a cage in & fusions. The last surgery the doctor cut my whole back open. I have been back to his office 1 time after falling 2 days after coming home. I saw his PA not the doctor who did this surgery. I've not been b...

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