Novo Betahistine For Vertigo?

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My husband is spending most of his days in bed suffering from Vertigo. Someone with the same symptoms has been prescribed Novo Betahistine. He recommends my husband to take it because he says it has helped his greatly. My husband is taking METOCLOPRAMIDE it is helping somewhat but not near enough. How do they compare?

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Verwon Says:

Betahistine is used for Vertigo, most commonly that associated with Menieres Disease.


Metoclopramide is an anti-emetic, so it really only treats nausea and vomiting. It will not help with associated dizziness.

Has he spoken to his doctor about exploring other treatment options?

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Julie Says:

Please try the Novo-betahistine. It was prescribed for me because I suffer from Menieres Syndrome where dizziness and vertigo last for days and days. It is safe and really helps.

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KingAlfred Says:

I have been prescribed Novo Betahistimine and All I can say is that it works 100%. No side effects associated with it. I also went to a specialist and he definitely recommends it. I'm only 25 and I was diagnosed with this menieres since I was 21yrs old. When I was in high school I have been feeling dizzy and nausaue and i was able to ignore the day-to-day symptoms but now i'm 25 yrs old I cant tolerate the symptoms anymore. My specialist recommends the following diet also:

drastically reduce salt, caffeine, fried food intake and most of all stress. When i get stress i start feeling pressure building up in my inner ear and i start popping my ears to release the pressure but it somehow triggers the symptoms. so its a balancing act i find. But I recommend Novo Betahistine Serc it works and puts your life in perspective.

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Albert Says:

I can say that I can somewhat understand how he feels as I have labrinthitis and suffer the effects of vertigo severe enough to keep me in bed as well. I would recomend VRT which is a form of physio for the balance system in the inner ear. This seems to help more than meds. It does
take work and time to work. You may want to inquire with your Doctor for a referal for VRT. I hope this helps him.

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