Nostrilla - What Happened To It?

hpm Says:

All of a sudden Nostrilla has disappeared from the shelf of my CVS (which is the only place locally that I was ever able to find it). Online sites have is listed as out of stock. Was it discontinued, recalled, or what?

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Jennifer Says:

I believe certain batches of Nostrilla were recalled due to a concern over contaminated water being used. I can't find it either.

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Verwon Says:

That is correct, there was recall on the Nostrilla 12-Hour Nasal Decongestant Spray back on September 20, 2011, due to the potential presence of a microbial contaminant.

It contains the active ingredient Oxymetazoline and it is used in several similar products that you might want to try, as an alternative, until there is a new supply of Nostrilla on the shelves.

They are listed as being Afrin, Sudafed OM, Dristan, Vicks Sinex and Mucinex Full Force.

You can also try asking the pharmacist to help you find one.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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infected Says:

keep your bottles and boxes of nostrilla if they contain that code//you can end up with more than a stuffy nose from burkholderia cepacia/i got sick

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concerned Says:

what are the codes. when they weren't on the self I bought some online and they have a funny smell and taste.

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Verwon Says:

Here's the information from the recall notice:

(UPC 0036373673005, Batch/Lot 11G075

That is the only product affected, according to the listing. They say it may be returned for a refund, until 10/19/11


Are there any other questions or comments?

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jeff Says:

after using nostrilla i can't find anything that works anywhere near as good, doe's anyone have any idea when Nostrilla will be back in my walgreens or cvs????

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Gladiolakid Says:

I usually buy it at Walgreens but they havent had it for quite awhile and nobody else has either. I called 4 stores today and the last one told me about the recall. I had not heard about it. I have tried 4 other products and none work.......I need my Nostrilla!! Hope they get it fixed soon!

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Geri Says:

I have been using Nostrilla for some time and find that other sprays are not as effective. Just learned of the recall after visiting several stores that had none in stock. Can anyone advise me if they intend to continue making it and when to expect it back on shelves?

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Drdroad Says:

I thought I was a little phobic about my nose spray, but reading here I see I'm not the only one that can't replace Nostrilla, I've tried two others so far but they take forever to kick in and I have to spray more often. Hope Nostrilla shows up soon.

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Jesserz Says:

I agree I have a deviated septum and have tried many nose spry's... Nostrilla is the only one that provides my with any relief, for when my sinus cavities seem to swell so bad it closes my nostril passages completely. No matter how hard I push air just won't pass through, Nostrilla greatly improved my quality of life. I am currently tried the recommended Mucinex Full Force which provides mr little relief. Has anyone found anything compareae to Nistrilla they could recommend until Nostrilla is back on shelves?

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JC Says:

I also have been trying to find a replacement for Nostrilla. I have tried Afrin and Neosenifrin(sp). Nothing works except Nostrilla. I pray it comes back.

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Rbaker Says:

Sinex 12hr and Mucinex come the closest for me

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Hpm Says:

It is interesting that there is a whole list of products that have the same amount of the same ingredient, yet they don't necessarily work as well as Nostrilla. I thought my husband was crazy when he told me that, but others have made that same observation.

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Ellen Says:

I just saw that CVS on-line has it available. Only Nostrilla works for me, too.

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Lacy Says:

I've used nostrilla for years! I was'nt aware of any "recall" until a Walgreens employee advised me. I have already used all the product and the bottles are long gone. I've since tried all different products and NOTHING else works. I hope I don't get this "burkholderia cepasia" that it was possibly contaminated with! Since using the other products, I am experiencing headaches, nasal burning, sneezing and some breathing problems. But it could be from these "other products. Nothing else works like my Nostrilla. I hope they will get some out there soon. I am suffering!

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M Lou Says:

I agree Nostrilla is the only thing that will relieve the congestions. All of the others have Benzalcronium (sp) Chloride as their main ingredient and I'm allergic to it. My nose burns and I get headaches when I try all the others.
I hope they get it on the shelves soon.

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Lacy Says:

Dear M Lou, I just posted a new response regarding a "replacement" that I found at Walgreens.......its a Walgreems brand called ANEFRIN NASAL SPRAY, 12 hour, extra moisturizing. I dont have the box to check the ingredient your allergic to however the bottle does'nt list that particular ingredient. I must have same allergy because the other sprays burned my nose too!!.....and seemed like burned my eyes and "whole head". So check into!!!.....hope it helps!!!

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Lacy Says:

Dear "infected", I was wondering, you said you "got sick", can you tell me what your symptoms were? Did you go see your Dr.? What was your diagnosis and prognosis?.....I am concerned, about me!.....Thank you

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Lacy Says:

Please see new reply.....I've found alternative!!.....

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Bruce Says:

Lacy, what is the new alternative?

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