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heart failure

After taking this for just 2 days, my ankles and then feet started to swell. I became short of breathe and soon had a hard time climbing stairswalking and talking at he same time. By day 5 my feet ankles and calves had balooned and my chest started to constrict, I became sweaty and had chest pains, my abdomen swelled, i felt exhausted. I called the nurses line because my feel and legs were so swollen and tingly i could not bear it. She told me that iI was experiencing heart failure. I was rushed to the hospital where they did serveral tests. My heart rate was very low (42 per min) and I had fluid in my lungs. After 20 hours in emergency and 14 tests, they concluded that it was the Noroxin. I went off the drug, my swelling went down, my energy level is returning. Please be very careful w...

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Benzenesulfonamide, produced in France or Italy ## If I am correct this is an antibiotic from France. It is especially used to treat and prevent urinary tract infections. It is recommended when traveling to ask your doctor for a prescription to take with you, (traveling out of the country I mean.) I think the generic name is Noroxin. Side effects include serious diarrhea, headaches, blurred vision.

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