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3M has discontinued making Norgesic Forte. I am trying to find out why as I have taken this medication for years? Additionally, I am trying to find out if any generic forms of aspirin, caffeine, & orphenadrine (Norgesic Forte) exist? Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

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Verwon Says:

I can't find information on why it was discontinued, it could have happened for many reasons, such as lack of sales or safety issues.

There was a generic available, however, if it still is, is also unknown.

Have you talked to your doctor or pharmacy to see if the generic is still available?

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JTaubi Says:

I also take Norgesic Forte for migraines and have for over 15 years. They stopped making it before and after 8 months or so they started again. Now, here we go again. So my pharmacist suggested I take orphenadrine together with Excedrin which also has caffeine. But they only make 100 mg of Orphendadrine and it is a time-release pill so you can't cut it in half. (Norgesic Forte has 50 mg of Orphendadrine). I'm afraid the 100 mg will be too much. Don't want to feel loopy or dizzy. Any suggestions on what you took in it's place? Taking Motrin but it's too hard on my stomach. Thanks!

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Julie Says:

I've taken the norgesic for years for migraine too. Norgesic really helped knock the daily headaches down and I am really afraid of not having it available. When I didn't have insurance and I couldn't really afford it I tried doing aspirin/muscle relaxer/caffeine and it's just not the same. Don't want to do narcotics. One can't take maxalt all the time. Going to an urgent care for migraine is so humiliating because they treat you like a drug seeker. Soooo sad! If anyone comes up with anything PLEASE POST!! Thank you!

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Sandy Says:

Norgesic Forte is the only drug that has ever worked for me for migraines and other headaches. I'd like to know if anyone finds a good substitute.

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Marci Says:

I am in the same boat as you. Have been taking it for 2 years for my migraines and it was wonderful. I am on the search for an alternative, but as of yet haven't found anything. Someone suggested I order from Canada? No idea if this is feasible. If you hear anything, please post it back here.

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Sandy Says:

I have tried 3 pharmacies. Two can not get it anymore. I bought the last of what the third pharmacy had and they said it is no longer available. I wonder if it could be compounded by a pharmacy that does that.

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Jo Says:

Norgesic Forte is still available in the Philippines.

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JTaubi Says:

My doctor prescribed Norflex which is orphenadrine. I take that with Excedrin which also has caffeine in it and it equals Norgesic Forte. So far so good. Give it a try.

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Back and fibromyalgia pain Says:

I tried the Orphenadrine with a supplemental aspirin/caffeine combination and it did not work. I have got to find a substitute that works just as well as the Orphenadrine/asa/caf tabs did. I haven't had a good day since I ran out and was told I couldn't get them anymore. Any suggestions?

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Annie Says:

I, too have had difficulty getting the Norgesic Forte - last prescription the pharmacy gave me their last 2 pills and said they could no longer get anymore. My doctor prescribed Butalb-Acetamin-Caff 50-3 and it did nothing for me. I have read several posts that say this is the best for their headaches and I totally agree!

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Marci Says:


Are you in the Philippines? If they carry the medicine there, how do you get it and legally bring it to the states?

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sandra Says:

No one is making Norgesic Forte any more. Norflex is the closest, without aspirin and caffeine. It works pretty good. When pain is very strong I take to low dose aspirin with it. Do not break a Norflex 100mg pill in half, take it whole.

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sandra Says:

I take the 100mg of Norflex with two low dose aspirin, no migraines in 3 months.

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Sara Says:

You can still get Norgesic which is orphenedrine citrate, the same main ingredient as in Norgesic Forte. I took Norgesic Forte for my migraines and it worked wonderfully. When it was taken off the market, my dr switch me to regular Norgesic and had me take 2 excedrin along with it. This completes the ingredients that were in Norgesic Forte and give me the same result.

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Back and Fibromyalgia pain Says:

I tried that combination and it just didn't work.

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julio Says:

Lurer på om det finnes barmicil ( mot Acne ) i Norge ?

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Chickasaw1 Says:

So, I assume that if 3M quit making it, one cannot get it through Canadian pharmacy companies?

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Jill Says:

Why is Norgesic Forte no longer being manufacturered?

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Heather Says:

My mother takes norgesic forte for her migraines. When they stopped making it she had to switch to a compound pharmacy to have them make it for her. She hasn't had any problems with the compound medication. Those who need it could look into a Compound Pharmacy in your area.

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Bev Says:

I understand that Norgesic forte is discontinued, but need to find a generic in its place and need a recommendation.

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