Norcos Not Working Anymore

karen l Says:

I have been taking Norco 10 mg for about a year now. My job is very strenuous and Im on my feet 12 hours a day (im a food caterer at a hospital). The Norcos just dont seem to be working anymore. I go to a pain management dr here in omaha. Im prescribed 30 a month and have never went over that amount. I recently fell on the hip that I have arthritis in and the pain is still there after 3 weeks. Is it appropriare for me to ask the dr for something else for pain. Im 60 and i know its tougher the older a person gets but i have to work and my job has insurance so its hard for me to quit and find an easier job with insurance. I know age isnt suppose to hold you back in getting a job but believe me, it does.

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BL Says:

karen, you may need to have your hip xrayed ? You can ask your Pain dr about more meds, but that doesn't mean you will get it. But, if you have good insurance, there probably won't be a problem. And I know that getting a job at 60 that pays you enough to live off of let alone has good insurance, is almost impossible, if not impossible to find. No one wants to hire anyone and make that investment in them when they can retire in less than 5 yrs.

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karen l Says:

U did have a hip and pelvic xray...also a CT scan on my pelvis..nothing was broken bur UT might if been a little hairline fracture..I did overhear a nurse saying something about me being in pain mgmt..I'm not a drug seeker but they did act different when I told them that..I work at a hospital so I know how they feel about pain mgmt

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karen l Says:

Sorry about typos..I did have those tests...also they said there could be a hairline pelvic fracture

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Karen! How are you doing? Sorry about the pain that you're in.

It is normal for any medication to stop working as well after you've been on it for awhile, because your body eventually gets used to it….and then taking a fall, which has aggravated things would also worsen your pain.

Yes, it would be reasonable to ask your doctor for help, but it would be best not to ask for a specific medication as most doctors view that as drug seeking behavior. Thus, it's best to let your doctor make the suggestions.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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BL Says:

You might want to take a copy of the report to your pain management dr. You didn't say if he was the one that ordered the test, so I am assuming it was another dr, but I could be wrong.

Verwon is correct about asking for any specific meds. It's so silly, we're suppose to be informed and active in our health care, yet we are made to play childish games and appear ignorant.

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fussy fusion Says:

Who is your Doctor and are you happy with his pain management?? I am looking for one in Omaha also. I had a 3 level fusion and my family doctor doesn't want to keep prescribing pain meds & I need to find a pain management doctor to see. Thanks for any info. I need the Omaha or Council Bluffs area!

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