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rhlgemini Says:

using it for quite a long long time. around 20+ tabs of N10 minimum and around same amount of alprex , the main effects i noticed is you just live in present , u feel everythng is fine and just saying whatever u feel. Most of the people just don't gve a damn about us, as they think we are on pills, so leave them. And second thing is it affects the memory slowly slowly, as dosage and time, increases its effects become more common... think and then take.. Addiction can't be "controlled" or " handled " by everybody, only few can withstand it.

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David Says:

Nitrosun contains the active ingredient Nitrazepam. Common side effects associated with this drug are listed below:

Central nervous system depression including, somnolence, dizziness, depressed mood, rage, violence, fatigue, ataxia, headache, vertigo, impairment of memory, impairment of motor functions, hangover feeling in the morning, slurred speech, decreased physical performance, numbed emotions, reduced alertness, muscle weakness, double vision and inattention have been reported. Unpleasant dreams and rebound insomnia have also been reported. High levels of confusion, clumsiness also occurs after administration of nitrazepam. Increased reaction time, co-ordination problems and impaired learning and memory.

Impaired learning and memory occurs due to the action of the drug on benzodiazepine receptors which causes a dysfunction in the cholinergic neuronal system. Nitrazepam causes a reduced output of serotonin which is closely involved in regulating mood and may be the cause of feelings of depression in users of nitrazepam or other benzodiazepines.

Because Nitrazepam has more side effects than other hypnotic drugs, gradual and careful reduction of the dosage is always recommended to prevent many severe withdrawal syndromes from developing. It's definitely one of those drugs you'd expect to see a number of law suits filed against, due to the dangers and havoc it can reek on the body.

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kenney Says:

ask ur doc to help, tell the truth to ur family. use fortwin & phenargan injection for three days at night, ok bro best of luck.

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BM Chand Says:

What is the best and the faster way of improving my health from the side effects of consumption of nitrosun 10? Or the medication?

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kelly Says:

hi bro,, my experience is its no matter how few u take daily and its not matter. We all have some degree of addicting personality and its our attitude problem. its better to visit rehab once in lifetime cause addicted life is very unmanageable and confusing. All we need is good direction and knowledge and wisdom. learn more about positive attitude and spirituality. And take care of health.

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kelly Says:

hii bro, dont take n10 with s.p mix. caz s.p is light and clam but too many takes s.p makes u psycically weakness and depandancy. u take good diet with s.p its help ur body fit. try to take 4 or 6 per day dont take more thn 1 step' if u think and try to stop s.p and heavy user . but n 10 is powerful pills its effects both mentally nd psysicall its makes u like psycho and irritated. its ruin ur personal relationship and images. caz it makes ur attutide and thoughts vry nagativ. dont take more then 1 or 2 if u r addicted nitrosun 10.

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amar Says:

hi ny name is amar i use this nitrosun for a long time i was miss using this drug after long time i relixe that it was effecting but i cant quit it so i went to rehabitation center and after that i completly avoid all of freind think before u miss use it...

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Pukz Says:
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Hi, I'll nt mention my name would u know wt will be the best & proper diet fr Nitroson10 addicted.

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tashi Says:
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Jack if u take moro then 10 tablet if u fell sleepy don't sleep,u may die , if u will not die then your mind will be out of world .

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alexrai182 Says:

i am very much addicted with it ,so what i feel having n10 is just simply to gain attitude and personality,well i am a youngster so what i think is i will enjoy taking till i will cross 40 ,50 then i will quit bcoz this the time to enjoy :)

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bi Says:
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Living in a remote part of india the day hs come nw that i can't buy any sp or n10. the pharmacy's here dn't sell this pills so i usd to buy it outside, earlier it used to be 10rs/piece of s.p n 20/piece of n10,bt now its gone to 50/p of s.p and theres nothing i can do about it cause usualy its out of stock and i hv to get it no matter the price. i'm 22 now, i'v been an addict for 8 yrs now, used to pop 12-16 pcs of spasmo proxyvon a day and now my life sucks. miss the good old days!

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Rehan Says:
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Hi...I'm taking nitrosun 10 from last august..I take 2 tabs in a day
Few days back I stopped taking it nd nw im vry ill
Plz help me wat wl I do??????

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Jared Says:
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I used to take 10 to 12 pieces of N10 in a day, plus alcohol. Never try these things, leads to the grave

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Jannu Says:

Someone close is suffering from a liver disease , he is recovering slowly. But he is addicted to 2 tab nitrosun 10 per night. Is it ok. All he feels is lethargic

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loopy nike Says:
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Don't stop using this drug suddenly, be sure to taper down your doses slowly!

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Amar Says:

first u need to stop these things because u will have surely side effect and at that time u can regret only.....just try to stop today n your tomorrow will b better no need for diet to maintain these kind of drug just try and try till u don't get out of these s***.

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shahid ahamed Says:
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Im using n10 3 or 2 pills daily, now i stop using this drug,so please tell me to improve my health, can i use any vitamin for improve my health, how can i improve my health

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vyshakbob Says:

nitroson is help to adiction ganja syco people to come to normal stage but also chargebody and mind will tell .give some mor ganja pls

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ady Says:

i just take N10 once a week, is is still harmfull for me??

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Aashish Says:

Hi I have a personality issue. meaning that I cannot deal or talk with people as I am a salesman at my fathers company. after using N10, i am able to deal with customers. I take tabs of N10 daily. Is it okay???? I also have an ED problem. Is n10 helpful or harmful? Please help me with this..

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santosh Says:

Sir I am using Nitrosun10 last 3 years. Please give me right guideline, i am very depressed. Plz help us.

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