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Nitrocontin 2.6 mg 22 REPLIES
substitute for nitroglycerin 8 REPLIES
what is nitrocontin 6 REPLIES
found small brown glass bottle of white unmarked round pills 6 REPLIES
i found some round small pills with the number 4 on one side and nothing on the other.. what is it? 4 REPLIES

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Nitrocontin 2.6 mg

What is this medicine used to treat? ## For what purpose is nitrocontin 2.6 used? ## Ihave undergone cabg in 2005 and again undregone angioplasty in april2009.Now Iam taking Ecospirin gold 10 mg which contains ecospirin75mg clopigrel 75mg and statin10mg one tablet in the night as per doctors advice. Also iAM TAKING 25MG NUBETA for B.P.Recently i AM ASKED TO take nitrocontin 2.6 one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I GET HEADACHE IF TAKE THIS TABLET.Please advice on the nessecity of taking this drug. The doctor is not to be distubed often. ## Nitrocontin is a continuous release Nitroglycerin tablet, it is used to treat Angina and heart failure. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache and low blood pressure. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you w...

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Nitroglycerin liquid drops

A friend said that it is something liquid drops you put on your tongue when having a heart attack,instead of the tablets.they also have a longer expiration date than the tablets ## The drops are probably a new form of the more traditional treatment. Here is some additional info about how nitroglycerin work in the event of a heart attack. Nitroglycerin is a chemical that opens up (dilates) arteries and veins and increases blood flow to the heart. During heart attack, Nitroglycerin can be placed under the tongue, where it quickly dissolves and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Nitroglycerin also can be administered via continuous intravenous (IV) infusion; applied to the skin in cream or patch form, where it is slowly absorbed; or administered as short- or long-acting nitrate pill...

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Nitroglycerin for pre workout

I took a 0.4 mg. Nitro prior to a 5 min. Extremely high intensity physical fitness test. Once I got to the last station I had burned out with no leg strength and completely exhausted to the point of feeling about to pass out and vomit. It took me 2:13 minutes to go through the first 4 stations. Over 3 minutes to complete the last station, which should only take about 45 seconds. I am out of shape but normally don’t have this happen. My blood pressure was about 148 systolic before taking nitro. I ran this “combat challenge “ about 5 minutes after the nitro. Do you think the nitro had a negative effect and caused the failure. I was also pale as a ghost. ## Has this medication been prescribed for you? And did your doctor tell you to take it before the fitness test? Do you...

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substitute for nitroglycerin

I think that I have developed an intolerance to nitro; is there a subsitute for angina? ## Does anyone know of a substitute for a nitro pill that is prescribed for angina? I have not been diagnosed, but when my chest pain begins I would like to try something to get relief. Help. Oh yeah, I do not have insurance and I am unemployed. ## These types of medications are available by prescription only and using them without a proper diagnosis that verifies you have a heart condition can be extremely dangerous. Self-diagnosing is never a good idea. I understand you are saying you are having chest pains and have no insurance, but this is far to dangerous of an area to play around with. You REALLY need to see a doctor. There are no medical professionals on this site and no one, even if they were...

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i found some round small pills with the number 4 on one side and nothing on the other.. what is it?

i found a round small pill with the number 4 on one side and nothing on the other do you know what it is..? ## It is a nitroglycerin pill. It is a nitrate that dilates (widens) blood vessels. Nitroglycerin rectal is used to treat moderate to severe pain caused by chronic anal fissures (tears in the skin lining your rectum). ## Tylenol 4 with codeine. I used to get them from my doctor. Tylenol 3 with codeine have a 3 on them ## Don't forget that Dillaudeds also are small white pills from being stamped with 2, a 4, as well as an 8. Those are all instant release dillaudeds. ## It sounds like there are several variations of white round pills imprinted with a 4 on one side... If it's of any help in narrowing down prospective pills, Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is imprinted with M [not in...

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nitroglycerin tablets disposal

How can I dispose of expired nitroglycerin pills? ## Hello, Mary! How are you? The current disposal instructions from the FDA say that you should mix them in with some undesirable substance, such as used kitty litter or used coffee grounds, place it into a sealed container, such as a coffee can with lid and then dispose of it in your normal trash. Alternatively, you can take them to a local pharmacy and they will gladly dispose of them for you. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I brought mine to rite aid and was told thay don't take any medication back

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what is nitrocontin

why this tablet is used ## What is Nitrocontin 2.6? ## HEART DIESESE ## how the use of nitrocontin 2.6 tablets , this tablets is cure in heart problem pls explain the tablets sir? ## does tablets nitocontin 2.6 and flavedon MR HAVE SIDE EFFECTS OF DECREASED APPETITE? ## Nitrocontin is actually the brand name for a medication that's listed as being available in India and Taiwan that contains Nitroglycerin, which in medicine is used as a vasodilator to treat various heart conditions, such as angina and chronic heart failure. Side effects may include nausea, headache, dizziness and tolerance, which can reduce effectiveness. You can learn more Nitrocontin details here. M M G, it's difficult to say what may affect someone's appetite in such a manner. What are the health condition...

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Angispan TR 2.5mg

I had MCI in January 2006. Soon after CABG surgery was done. Recently, at times I am feeling mild anginal pain. Other day , I met my Cardiologist and advised two tablets of Angispan Tr, morning and Afternoon. Further, I was advised to stop the medicine if it didn't work well. However, I am yet to start it after I learnt about its side effects. Please advise. ## Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? They would really be the only person that is best able to advise you in this situation. Angispan contains the active ingredient Nitroglycerin, which is used as a vasodilator to improve blood and oxygen flow to the heart. It can cause some side effects, such as: nausea, headache, dizziness and orthostatic hypotension. You can learn more about it here: ## I WANT ## i had heart ...

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what is the benefit of Angispan-tr 2.5

Sir, i was getting uneasyness in my chest. Doctor prescribed me Angispan-2.5mg. Kindly let me know the benefit of the said medicine pl. ## i am diagonised foe etactic coronaries and on little strain i feel heaviness and pain in chest please advise what should i do ## This medication is used to treat chest pain, angina, heart attacks and heart failure. It helps improve heart function and alleviate the pain these conditions can possibly cause. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness and headache. Shah, you need to see your doctor to have this checked out to see what is causing the problem. Are you on nay medications?

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sublingual? ## Are you asking about swallowing a sbulingual tablet? If so, it will still work, you'll still get the medication, however, it will be released much slower than if you had let it dissolve under the tongue as it was designed for. This can be dangerous for some medications, such as Nitroglycerin, which need to work fast in the advent of chest pain/heart failure. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Will zubsolv show in a U/A if i swallow it?

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What Is The Use Of Tablet Angiplat 25

tablet angiplat 2.5 used for, this was adviced by doctor today. ## Hi, Mohan! How are you? Angiplat contains the active ingredient Nitroglycerin, this is a heart medication that's most commonly used to treat angina. The most common side effect that most people experience is a bad headache. Learn more Angiplat details here. Do you have a heart problem or chest pain? ## is it compulsory to take angiplat tablet after having angiography? ## I am taking angiplat 2.5 after angeographi, up to two months. What is the use to continue? ## Does anguplat2.5 useful for reflux and burping.

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Cure for 10 % blockage in one of the arteries

I undergone with Angioplasty 15 month before with three medicated stent, after 15 month of angioplasty I go through all the test along with stress thalium test, it is found that again 10% blockage takes place in one of the arteries. I am taking tab Ecosprin 81, angiplat, concor 2.5, Lipitor 40, Cardace 2.5, Prax from last 15 months. Please guide me that above medicine will open the 10 blockage which happen again in one year.

found small brown glass bottle of white unmarked round pills

pills r numbers letters or scores...bottle brown glass 1-1 1\2 inches long white metal lid but too worn to tell what was once there ## Hello, Jen! How are you? From what you've said, I get the impression that they are quite old and with no markings or identifying label, it's going to be difficult to determine what they contain. Years ago, many patent medications were packaged like this, which makes it difficult to even guess if it was a prescription or over the counter product. Does anyone else recognize these? I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. ## I found an old brown glass bottle with a p and a d on the lid. It contains these tiny white tabs with no markings or scores. I can't find any info on them ## I found the same thing. Br...

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Nitrocontin Side Effects

i have done stent after angiography for 90 % blocked. doctor perscribed nitrocortin 6.4 along with others medicines from last 15 days. now i am feeling low vision. what to do ? ## Nitrocontin contains the active ingredient Nitroglycerin and it doesn't usually cause blurred vision or other vision problems. However, it can cause low blood pressure, which could result in vision problems, but that should only be for the period of time that you are experiencing it. Most people that use this medication are told to lay down for 15 minutes or so, after taking it, to reduce the problems that this can cause. Other cardiac or blood pressure medications can cause the same types of symptoms. What else are you taking? ## How often can you take nitrocontin safely and what are side effects that I s...

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Can Nitrocontin 2.6 Repair Health Damage

My Mother is 70 years old. She suffered a mild Heart attack. A 40 mm stent was inserted by angioplasty. The doctor prescribed Nitrocontin 2.6 twice a daily, Ecosprin gold 20 once a daily. Now, by mistake Nitrocontin 2.6 was taken only once a day. The patient is suffering short breathing problem for a very short distance, also suffering from bronchitis. At present she has small fluids in the lungs and was advised to take Fuselac (medicine) once a day and after two days go for an Echo as ECG had some changes. Then the doctor advised her to take this medicine twice a day. I would like to ask, what type of test is required again or can this medicine, repair the damage, if any happened. ## How did the tests turn out? That's really the information that will answer your questions and let y...

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If You Are Taking Isosorb Mono And Still Have Trouble Getting A Deep Breath Can Take Nitroglicern To Alleviate Pain

if you are taking isosorb mono and are having trouble taking a deep breath, can you take a nitroglicern pill to alleviate this breathing problem??? ## There aren't any interactions listed between these two medications. However, Nitroglycerin isn't a pain reliever, nor is used to help improve breathing, but rather to treat angina and heart failure. Thus, it will only help if that's what's causing your breathing issue and pain. Learn more Isosorbide Mononitrate details here. Learn more Nitrogylcerin details here. If it is due to your heart and your current dose of Isosorbide isn't helping, then you do need to consult your doctor. If it's something like congestive heart failure, then other treatment may be necessary. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Angistat 2.5 mg tablet

My mother has a problem of Angina. she is already taking Nitrocontin that I know is to treat Angina. Now doctor has prescribed her Angistat 2.5 mg along with Nitrocontin. Can anyone suggest me what purpose Angistat will serve when she is already taking Nitrocontin. ## They both contain the same medication, Nitroglycerin. Is she certain her doctor wanted to add it? Is it possible he wanted her to switch to it? Learn more Nitroglycerin details here.

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Dosages per day

I get occassional chet pain when I walk when I donot take Angispan TR. Should I take when I get pain or I can take twice a day 2.5mg as precautionary My Left Main is 80 % closed and I am plannig Angioplasty in two weeks time. ## How has your doctor directed you to use it? This medication contains Nitroglycerin, which is most commonly used to treat angina. As to when you should take it, that is something your doctor needs to help you decide, as no one else is really qualified to do so.

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Nitroglycerin and others

My sister is taking Nitroglycerin 2.5MG Caps. Simvastatin Tab 40 MG and Isinopril Tab 5MG. Can she drink the teas mention below, without any contraindications with these medications? Slippery Elm, Howthorn Berries, and Phenugreek Tea. ## Has she tried asking her doctor, or pharmacist? Unfortunately, this information may be hard to find, because herbal substances aren't usually checked for interactions, as is done with actual prescription medications. Thus, I can really only suggest she talk to her doctor, first.

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Angispan-TR 6.5mg

Could you please tell me what the recomended dosage of this drug is for Angina ## Angispan-TR contains the active ingredient Nitroglycerin and for angina treatment, the dosage is usually taken 3 times a day, however, you should follow your doctor's instructions. It may cause side effects,such as headache and nausea. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions?

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