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I have a UTI and my doctor prescribed both mylan 3422 and E122, but I'm not sure how it's supposed to work because I have one of the E122 and nine of the mylan 3422 pills. ## They both contain the same active ingredient, which is 100mgs of Nitrofurantoin. NDC codes: 51079-0348, the one with the Mylan marking is distributed by UDL Laboratories, and the one with the E122 is manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, NDC code: 00185-0122, the original labeler of this one was Eon Labs. When your doctor writes a prescription, and the medication is available as a generic, they actually don't get to dictate to the pharmacy which pills you will receive. It depends on what your pharmacy has in stock, except in cases where a generic isn't available, or if your doctor states that the ...

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Does Nitrofurantoin monohydrate treat a urinary staph infection. It seems that it's more for treatment of ecoli. I tested positive for leukocytes and neg. for nitrates. Is this the right medication? ## Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections, but you are right in that this medication is more for fighting E.coli. Information I gathered states that Nitrofurantoin is only clinically proven for use against E. coli or Staph. saprophyticus. I would recommend taking a look at the link below for info on the "best" antibiotics for treating urinary staph infections: I hope this helps! Please post back if you need help finding anymore information.

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Is Nitrofur Mac (Nitrofurantoin) 100 mg helpful for bladder infections? ## This is Nitrofurantoin (monohydrate/macrocrystals), commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. ## Is This Drug being recalled? ## what is nitrofur mac 100 mg ## please explain about nitrofur mac 100mg cap mylan. This is for a bladder infection, are there any side effects? Thank you ## Does this Nitrofur-mac 100mg cause your urine to turn bright yellow ? ## nitrofur-mac -100mg. is an antibiotic for a bladder infection ## I was prescribed Nitrofur Mac 100mg for a kidney infection. Everything I read tells me that this drug is for a bladder infection. Does this drug actually get to my kidneys or stop at the bladder and ureter?

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