Nitrofurantoin Mono Mac 100mg Caps

brittany Says:

im 25 weeks pregant and i have been taking this medicine for my whole pregancy i have recently found out that my daughter has a lot of problems. which include transposition of the great arteries, holes in her left and right aorta's, an enlarged brain, and her spleen never formed. i have no health problems on my side of the family and my boyfriend doesn't either except for a hole he had an his heart wen he was young. i heard that the nitrofurantoin mono mac 100mg caps can cause women to have miscariages and some have complations could it be because of this medicine? and it says to not take in the third trimester but my doctor i was seeing was to keep taking it my whole way through i dnt know what i should do, should i keep taking it or should i stop. i feel like my baby would be perfectly fine if i didnt take this medicine.

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Verwon Says:

The reason it is cautioned against being used past 38 weeks of pregnancy and in infant up to one month old is due to the fact that they may have immature enzyme systems and using it may cause Hemolytic Anemia.

However, it's use during pregnancy has not been shown to cause any other adverse effects, unless it was taken in extremely high doses.

What did your doctor have you taking it for?


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JM Says:

Omg, you poor girl! I'm so sorry! You need to sue that dr! Seriously. Sounds like they were using you as an expirment. That's awful! Good luck. Don't trust all dr, you are the mommy. Don't take anything unless it has been studied and okayed for pregnancy, and breast feeding! You can tell your dr no and find an alternative.

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Sharon Says:

I had a bladder infection & nitrofurantoin was prescribed for me. I have started experiencing quite a bit if joint pain. Is this a symptom? Or should I be concerned that it is something else?

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