Nitazoxanide And Stomach Pain With Loose Motion

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Can Nitazoxanide tablets 500 mg cause stomach pain and loose motions?

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jack Says:

i am getting loose motions for every 3 or 4 hrs.. and getting stomach pain before going to motion ... the motion is in the beginning is fine but in the ending its coming with water

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ds pawar Says:

age 51 yrs, i am suffering from loose motion with stomach pain since 2 yrs in the morning i have to go for motion for at least 4 times with stomach pain and gas formatin. i have taking norflox tz ranitidine etc. but no improvement. please advice.

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kirandeep Says:

most commonly used medicine for loose motion

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blkhatuwal Says:

Sir i have loose motion with slitely pain i have taken some medicine (tinidazole and antacid tablets) as per doctor advise 1stly i have fever and cold i have taken medicine from doctor than after two day start loose motion i have taken contiously treatment at the doctor but still i have loose motion 3-4 hrs and after eating food. the stool is too dark. i m comes from haryana and now stay in orissa /balasore. i don't know better doctor. pls can u help me earlier.

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denny Says:

hello sir my sister shez suffering a lot with pain while poty its been almost 1 weak she tryng a lot to do potty bt its not coming :X so can u suggest me some heavy loose motion tablet which starts loose from hyderabad

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Alok Says:

Bisacodyl tablets dulcolax

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