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nidol ## Nidol is listed as containing the active ingredient Nimesulide, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, stomach irritation and headache. Read more here: Do you have any questions? ## the doc at st. paul's hospital in Hong Kong prescribed me nidol tablet for throat inflammation (+ fever) 4 days ago. oh my god, i got more sersious after taking the pills 2 days though my fever was gone due to other tablets he gave me. my throat was getting sore and sore (more serious and intensive), so I stopped it and went to see another private doctor. dr. cheng. she told me nidol tablets were collected by drug company!!! oh , my god. no wonder, i was getting worse not to mention 'curing' my sore. so i went to check it out in your websit...

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